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  1. KodiakKid

    Kodiak Kid's Second Outdoor Grow - Out of Africa - Strawberry Hybrid - Eirdbei

    Hello everyone. My second grow has started. Before going into the details I want to thank everyone who took an interest in my first grow last season. I was overwhelmed by the help and support you so kindly provided. I couldn't have done it without you all. I also want to apologize for not...
  2. KodiakKid

    Old Guy New Grow Looking For Guidance

    Hi everyone. I'm a first time grower in the Portland Oregon area. I'm excited to grow cannabis for the first time. I am a long time 60 year old dedicated mostly organic vegetable grower. I love growing and have enjoyed having a first time cannabis garden. I am about 9 weeks in with four gorgeous...
  3. KodiakKid

    First Time Grow Journal - Outside - Kaya Gold & Freebies

    Hi everyone. Thanks so much to those who have helped so far and encouraged me to start a grow journal. Pardon me for starting in the middle. I have a long way to go and know I will need help and support. So here goes. I have four plants outside. Two are in the ground. Two are in containers on...
  4. KodiakKid

    Where do I find the old new guys?

    Hey all, I am an old fart, new grower. I saw somewhere there is a community of us old guys here on the site. If so, can someone post me a link where I can find you, us? Thanks so much.:Namaste:
  5. KodiakKid

    Male or Female or Too Soon?

    Hi, I am a new member growing for the first time outside in the Portland, Oregon area. This is a plant I have in the ground. It is about 8 weeks old since emergence and is about 3 feet tall. I think I see the first signs of sex. I was hoping that someone experienced at this could tell me whether...
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