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    MSNL White LSD Auto

    Strain Name - White LSD Auto From - MSNL When - 15DEC2017 Type - Hybrid Appearance - Very green, fairly airy buds covered in trichomes Smell - Intense chemical citrus, nostril hair singing Taste - Sharp but really nice! Citrus kickback on the exhale. Type of Buzz - Hugely cerebral buzz...
  2. J

    Tonks' Grow#2 - MSNL Autos Lemon OG - Caramelicious & White LSD

    Hey hey! So back for round two. Starting this a little late, I'm 4 weeks into the grow. But they're looking good so I'm cautiously optimistic about the whole thing! This time I'm doing topping and LST, my first goes at any kind of plant training, so keen for any and all tips as we go :D...
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    Tonks' First Grow - Auto White Widow - Big Bud - & AK47 In Coco HPS

    Intro This is my first grow and I could not be more excited. I'm not a patient shiela, so this will definitely be a test of adulting. But it will be totally worth it to get some quality bud instead of manky bushweed! My other half Lupin shall be appearing throughout. Our grow room is a spare...
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    Intro - New Grower

    Hi Guys! I'm Tonks, from somewhere in Australia. :) Just started my first grow and was keen to post a journal so people can let me know when I'm doing something especially potato. Loving this community!
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