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    Help with curling and brown spotted leaves - Pics!

    Okay so I'm about 4 weeks into flower and my plants leaves have got these weird brown/black almost-dead spots. Some of the leaves also have a weird curling. All of this is happening to the lower leaves and there are some spots appearing on the not-so-new-but-still-new leaves. I have pics below...
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    Fan Leaf Removal. oops

    Okay, so for my entire grow I've been growing bag seed, seven plants. Of those seven 4 have shown that they have these heavy droopy fan leaves. Well about a week and a half ago I decided to prune some of the leaves. I went online and checked and read an article saying that you only wanted to...
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    EmElla's First Grow, CFL, Bagseed, Fox Farms

    Hey there guys, Okay so this is my first grow and I really wanted to document my journey along the way. So here are my supplies: 6 43 watt 6500k daylight CFLs in those clamp light things (will be switching these out for diff. temp when flowering) Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil with added MG...
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    Help with lighting and Grow room setup

    Hey there, I'm getting ready to start my first grow (Woot!) and I had a couple of questions about lighting. I have been having a HELLA huge trouble finding a good lighting setup. Originally I was going to use CFLs and grow in my closet but when I couldn't find any 6500k cfls I decided to move...
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