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    Odd veg to flower transition

    I have one normal feminised plant that seems to be stuck halfway in the transition to flowering from veg. Once the plant showed signs of flowing I transported it to a large potato growing sack for a bigger pot and as predicted it exploded 3 weeks since and the crown buds (plant has been topped)...
  2. J

    Leaf turning red 2 weeks from harvest in auto grow

    Leaf on superskunk auto is turning red Funny situation - I'm on holiday and gf is taking care of the kiddies, was normally under 400w hps but switched to 2x 180w led ufo's so she didn't threat about leaving it and creating a fire and to save her some dosh on her bill It's about 2 weeks from...
  3. J

    Any advice? 5 autos

    Strains - og kush, super skunk, thunder bloody Mary, auto critical mass, creme caramel Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - super skunk 5 weeks, auto critical 3 weeks, others are 4 Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Lights - 400 Watt HPS, mh in veg & bonus 180w led on the super skunk Nutrients - greenhouse...
  4. J

    Yellowing leaves during flower

    Hey chaps Almost 2 months into flowering and the leaves on the bottom of the plant are turning yellow. I recently changed the light position so it hits the side of the plant and thus hits the lower branches, and this problem arose. I understand that this is what happens as the plants turn...
  5. J

    Top cola too high!

    Hey guys Growing a sativa indoors as a first "trial grow" and it looks nice but I'm afraid the top cola is too tall for the indoor light; leaving the bottom branches to grow slowly and ineffectively Running 400w mh, 1 1/2 months into flower, small closet with lots of light leak when the light...
  6. J

    How to quicken plant growth

    Hello all I started my first indoor grow op almost a month ago, and have been annoyed by how slow the plant is growing. I realise growing is a patient sport, however, I cannot help but think that my plant could be growing a hell of a lot faster. Especially since in my outdoor grow, I forgot...
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