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    hello, here i grow

    Welcome Flurple. Good to meet you. Hope your journal goes well. Send a message when you start. Thanks
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    soil ph

    :cheer2:Thanks a ton for the info Flurple...... You are the man.:cheer2: A fellow new member comes up with the save. :thankyou:
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    soil ph

    I guess you have to start a journal to get any help. This is like the third question I have asked now and not one answer.... Is this a really tough question, or is it just a lack of "Growers helping each other learn". This may be so simple to others its not important... I have done alot of...
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    soil ph

    Hello... :yummy:Any help would be great . :thankyou:
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    soil ph

    After the nute is added, I ph it. Should I test h20 ,then nute and h20 mixed? It seems to be an extra step. What about the original question?. Thank You.
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    soil ph

    Hello. I've looked around but can't find this answer yet, could you please help? If my water ph is on the money(lets say 6.5) ,but the soil ph is high (lets say 7.5). Do I adjust the water down to like 6.0 or 5.5, to get my soil down to 6.5 ? Thanks alotfor the help.:bong:
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    Butter with stems

    That would be the best method....but lack of buds leads to some pretty funny things. LOL :yummy:
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    PVC pipe tent.Bad?

    No . haven't seen one . But it sounds pretty easy to do. Home depot sell a three post joint for pvc pipe. ( I don't know what to call them but you'd want 8 for the corners...
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    PVC pipe tent.Bad?

    Hey. Heres one for Ya. RoorRip Is PVC Pipe bad to use as a frame for a grow box? I know PVC tent walls are bad and will off-gass, but will the PVC frame do the same....wrapped in panda-poly? How about duct tape? Thanks in advance everyone! :thankyou:
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    Grow box construction by a newbie

    Very sweet! You are better off painting the inside flat white bro. Even flat yellow reflects better than foil.....less hot spots too. Just a suggestion. Good job. :)
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    400watt Closet with Blueberry Jam and Chunky Cheese

    Looks great....my first subscribe. Good luck. Were all counting on you. hehe
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    Pls help my girl is sick

    I wana Know! LOL. Please spread the knowledge.
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    General water rule.

    I,M JUST GLAD THE GIRLS DIDN'T HAVE TO WAIT ON AN ANSWER OR THEY WOULD BE DEAD! Don,t bother answering. Had to find out somewhere else. :goodjob:
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    Butter with stems

    You can vape the stems. Its like a poor mans grow. Not the best in the world,but it works. A slight head change. But you can only take so much. You gotta grind the stems though. Good luck
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    CannaButter In 7 Easy Steps!

    If you use a coffee grinder and grind it into a fine powder,it really ups the effect. There is no bud waste.
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    shout out from Illinois

    Hey,almost forgot. You can keep up with that bill at" MPP Homepage " . Just go there and to the right side they have a map just click your state and BAM! Theres the info. Hope this helps.
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    shout out from Illinois

    Hey Fish. Sorry about your back buddy. My back is bad too, but no where near yours. I have alot of degenerative stuff and some bad disc leaks and tears. I'm so fighting surgery right now....but its hard to even put on clothes some days. So in the furture I see surgury. Anyway I can feel you...
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    high from so cal

    Welcome Smokay. this is a great place to chill and learn...and of coarse meet people. I'm from SoCal too. Take it easy.
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    Hello from Hamilton

    Welcome. Gota love the rasta smoke session.:cool027: Turn it up and smoke it up:55: Take it easy.:welcome:
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    HELLO ! - "Breeder D" here

    re: HELLO ! - "Breeder D" here Hey. Welcome, and hope your new venture takes off like a rocket.
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