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  1. baxbax

    Weed causes my heart to beat very slow, normal?

    Hi 420 , I recently started smoking after 2 years , what I was remember about high is super fast heart beat as side effect , but now when I take a hit it suddenly increase my rate a bit , second hit it again hit heart rate , when high starts to sets in , I totally can't feel my heart beats at...
  2. baxbax

    I have to use imidacloprid: Thrips

    Hi 420 , I have thrips on my plants and they are bout 3 and half month before harvest and they are outdoor in Colorado latitude , I have thrips , I catch some aphid flyers , and lower leaves have spots due to bugs , fungus gnates , etc ... I sprayed with insecticidal soap which contains 30...
  3. baxbax

    What pest damaged these leaves?

    Hi 420 , the lower leaves of plants have this white bite like things , what likely pest is this ?
  4. baxbax

    It's my opinion after lots of reading about this plant

    HI 420 , I read a lot about this plant we all having time with . and wonder why it produce these chemicals that can alter mind and behavior . plant produce terpens and it's smell get at it's peak at night , when predators and most of plant insects are active , to distract them and avoid them...
  5. baxbax

    Fastberry Auto flowering day 18, problem?

    HI 420 , This is one of fastberry autos , day 18 , and they show pistils and buds , they are just seedling , wonder they will produce good amount of buds or no , how they look for day 18 ?
  6. baxbax

    Leaf tip burn is from which element toxicity ?

    deleted ....
  7. baxbax

    What do you think about this insecticide? Need suggestion

    Hi 420 , I found a insecticide and I have used it one time on my plant when I detected aphids leaf chewing pests and fungus gnats , and it is thiamethoxam . I don't know it is safe to use in cannabis farming or no , this insecticide is used in trees or other horticulture farmings and I found...
  8. baxbax

    What is expected harvest month of Glueberry OG?

    HI 420 , I know this strain is new and I could not find information about harvest month of outdoor grow at about 35 degree latitude , it's hybrid of og kush ,gurilla and blueberry ,
  9. baxbax

    Is this root bound?

    hi 420 , this plant is about 2 month , it was growing big but recently I noticed new growth is growing small and I suspect it may be root bound but not sure its 7 gallon pot , I have a 25 gall pot and not sure it's time to transplant it to 25 gall pot or no ? could this plant is root bound ...
  10. baxbax

    Should I start feeding in this? Having some spots

    hello 420 , should I start feeding this seedling it is in peatbased soil and label on bag say it has enough nutrients for first 20 days some black spots on first set of leaves I transplant it from coco coir solo cup to this media , ph of media is 5.5 to 5.6 and watering with plain r/o water...
  11. baxbax

    Baxbax's Solo Auto Glueberry OG - New

    Hello 420 , after having problem with coco coir I decide to use peat based soil like promix hp , I know some people have great results with coco but it's lots of work (washing , flushing between watering , salt build up , cec buffering , prone to calcium magnesium and iron deficiency ) they are...
  12. baxbax

    Baxbax's Solo Critical Kush In Coco

    hello 420 , What Strain is it? Critical kush from royal queen seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? I think it is indica What percentages? ??? How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? vegetative If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 27 days since sprout If in Flowering Stage...
  13. baxbax

    Most stable pH down chemical ?

    Hi , I use 85 % phosphoric acid as ph down I feed plants with 5.5 and fix ph at 5.8 next day ph raise to + 6.5 . I'm searching for most stable ph down that can hold my ph for longest time possible in COCO -
  14. baxbax

    What's this deficiency? Help

    this problem shows at older leaves , I suspect something mobile as it's happen to older leaves and new leaves look just fine ( I just think) but don't know which is ? it this look like P deficiency ? or mg ? zinc ? Mobile nutrients are nitrogen in the form of nitrate, phosphorus (P) in the form...
  15. baxbax

    Which pH chart is true ? For coco mainly

    In search of ph chart for coco I found different ph charts and both claim they are true just confused which is true ?? this ? P uptake best at above 5.8 , ca below 5.8 , mg above 5.8 ? Or this chart ? or ? these chart or has totally different ranges which is which ?
  16. baxbax

    Coco run off so high! What to do?

    Hi , I have some iron deficiency and checked my run off . 5.7 ph goes into coco and 7.1 is run off . watered 4 gallon of nutrient to 1 gallon of coco , again I watered same 4 gallon water with ph down to 5.2 , and run off came out 6.9 ? it looks like no matter how much I water ph is high like...
  17. baxbax

    Is this calcium deficiency? Coco

    What Strain is it? Critical kush from royal queen seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? I think it is indica What percentages? ??? How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? vegetative If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 15 days since sprout If in Flowering Stage... How Long...
  18. baxbax

    How much magnification do I need to take a picture like this?

  19. baxbax

    Can I use this insecticide during flowering? Need suggestion

    Spider mites , i found strong Insecticides specified for mites but don't know CAN I USE IT DURING FLOWERING ON MEDICINE GRADE CANNABIS ? this is the link of this Insecticides : Bayer Envidor Insecticides | Crop Science US
  20. baxbax

    Best pH for calcium in coco coir

    I just have some calcium deficiency in coco I use ro water but add (24 drops of liquid contain 10 percent calcium and 2 percent mg) for 2 litre water , I add ph down to mix and bring it down to 5.9 and still have calcium deficiency , what is best ph for maximum calcium uptake in coco coir ...
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