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    Anyone have any experience with the the autumn color effect?

    this is where you remove nitrogen from your feed in mid/ late flowering. this thus in turns make your plant turn red/purple/yellow like autumn. it is suppost to make your flower taste better and not effect yeild plus save you some money on feed.
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    Deformed leaf growth on clone

    This clone looks really funky and I don't know what is going on. Any one else have a clue?
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    Ant problem with soil?

    have anyone had an issue with ants in the your pot? i am not 100% sure but i am getting the feeling ants are making a nest inside of my smart pots. does anyone know a way to get rid of ants? i am was thinking of trying orange guard.
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    A question for soil grower

    I planted some fem seeds a few weeks ago. This is my second grow and first time in soil. My plants are working on their 4th node how ever the leaves seem a bit small compared to my first grow. My first grow was in dwc, I under stand that growth is slower but didn't think my leaves would...
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    Help! Any way of saving moldy weed?

    i harvested last week and it dried out faster than i would have liked so i trimmed it and put it in jars about 4 or 5 days ago. i woke up this morning and checked my nugs and i have mold. i saw a video of jorge cervantes where he was washing off powdery mildew with some water and h202. so...
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    Can I use products like Great White & Hydroguard during flush?

    I am doing a dwc grow and I am getting close to the end. When I flush can i use beneficial bacteria? I mainly use great white / and hydroguard.
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    How long before I should start flushing

    Alot of the hairs are starting to turn orange, I would say about 30%, some buds more than others.
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    Anyone use far red after lights out?

    Been reading about a flower initiator. Where you turn one some red led one for about ten mins after your main lights turn off. The idea is that help the plant transition over to sleep mode. With out the red it takes two for the plant to transition over. So the idea is to be able to flower...
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    Need some help on lighting

    i am looking to upgrade a my grow a bit. i currently have a 30"x 18" grow space and i am looking to upgrade to 3'x3' tent. currently i use an old style mars hydro 300 and ebay cheap light of equal power draw. together they pull about 285 watts. i would like to add some more light in the tent...
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    How does she look?

    This is day 17since I flipped the light. She is starting to make some sugar. :) I plan on trimming her down a bit on the weekend of to help expose some of the bud site, plus I am gonna take some clones. This is Skunk 47, btw. No smell yet, she just kinda of smells like plant and it's...
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    What is the preferred LED for flowering?

    Looking to upgrade my lighting for My future grows. I am looking for two 100-150 watt light and one 400 watt light. I am looking at wattage pulled from the wall btw. What type of led works best for flowering?
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    Just a thought

    How effective would it be to have 3 sets of lights in a 4' x 4' tent. Two lights sets at 100 watts each and one light set at 1000 watts. Now if you were trying to flower could you run the two 100 watts lights to run for 12 hours and the 1000 watt light for 6 hours? How effective would this...
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    Is it normal for pH to lower during flower?

    during most of my grow the ph of my res has always gone up, i recently switched over to flower and now the ph of my res is going down. is this normal or has something in my res changed ?
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    One of my pre flowers is looking kind of funny

    One particular preflower is looking like it hermit. I can't really tell yet tried to take a pic but it's too small my I can get my phone to focus in on it. All the other ones look normal. If I does turn out hermit, will I be fine if I remove it b4 it opens?
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    What is considered day 1 of flower?

    I just flipped to flower about 2 days ago and today I woke up to the tiniest little hairs on two different places. Can I consider this day one or do I still got a little bit to go?
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    About to flip over to flower

    Should I change the res when I flip add the transition recommend nutes or will I be fine just to flip with the res as is? I am growing in dwc and res is only like 2 days old.
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    Foliar feeding

    Any one have a good mix to use? Can I just use regular nutes diluted to 20% or so? Do the leaves absorb nutes at the same ph as the roots?
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    How will she grow after the flip?

    How much more can I let her grow b.4 she won't fit any more.
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    Can't figure out what's up

    I keep getting these odd rusty spots on the leaves. I thought it was a Cal/mag issue, so increased Cal mag to 5ml per gallon but it is still happening. I am using gh flora series (3 bottles) strain Skunk 47. I am using Mars hydro 300 and an eBay Mars hydro knock off. I am also using ro water...
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    Best way to fight root rot

    So, one of my girls delevoped root rot. I have been able to keep my water temps around 64f to 68f degrees. However, I some how managed to get root rot. I am using dwc. Strain of plant infected green crack, she spread some of it to one of my other plants but I separated them and she...
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