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    Noise reduction on an Active carbon filter

    hello....currently using a can66 carbon activated filter....it is very noisy....any tips on ways to reduce the noise?
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    Vacuum cleaner disaster!

    Today....the room was getting cleaned...and one of the plants happened get sucked into the vaccum....the new growth top got all fucked up, and one of the leaves from the nodes below....my buddy pinched the top off where the new growth was...hopefully new growth will come in....now should the...
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    Vegetative odor?

    Basically...the set up is two rooms...one veg/clones...the other for flowering now the flowering room has a carbon active filter to reduce odor....there is nothing but oscilating fans, and an exhaust out in the veg room....today there was a noticable skunky smell in the air in the veg...
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    First grow ever... AK-47

    Hello....got a new camera today so figured it would be a good time to start a journal. Here are the specs. Strain:AK-47 Age: 2.5 weeks from sprout Lights: 400 Watt MH for veg....2 600 watt HPS for Flowering, and carbon filter for odor contrl Soil: Fox farms ocean forest Nutes: Fed once...
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    discolored leaves

    Hey...the plants are about 2.5-3 weeks old. some of the leaves are now getting a lightish green/yellow color in some spots....it almost looks dry...but when it is touched you can feel no difference..will try to find a camera and get pics up tonight or tomorrow. also...there are gnats present...
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    Yet another question...the flying beast!

    There has been a new addition to the garden. A flying beast that has been named morris. It looks like a fruit fly...very tiny, and fast....cant tell if there is just one. Will this pose a problem...and can he be erased from this planet? If so what would be the best way to go about ending...
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    Leaves droopy immediatly after watering

    Everytime the plants get watered, the leaves droop towards the ground within a minute....is this a sign of over watering. The soil water meter said the soil was dry....so figured it was time to water....any suggestions...should there be more time between watering...letting them dry out a bit?
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    PH problem

    hey guys...my PH meter for my soil is reading abiut 7.7-8 for the PH. How can i lower the PH of my soil. The water ive been using has the PH at 5.8
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    Mother plants

    Hello, I have some questions about mommy plants first off....too keep a constant cycle of about 12-14 female clones flowering...how many mother plants would I need? would i be able to get enough clones off 1 mother plant to have a constant cycle? also, what kind of light should the...
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    Seedlings dead?

    Just started getting their first set of leaves today. i decided to replant them further down in the soil since they were already 5 inches tall....i made it so the first set of leaves is about an inch from the soil...but within an hour of doing so....two of the seedlings just feel over limp? are...
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    Seedlings and light

    I was wondering which would be a better scenerio. Got 12 seedlings. They are starting to stretch. They were started on a 600watt halogen(i know its bad, was waiting for my HPS to come in). Now which would be better for the seedlings 4, 40 watt flourescent a few inches away from them...
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    Seedlings leaves curling and brown

    my buddy has 10 seedlings that sprouted 3 days ago. today he checked on them and the leaves are curling under and starting to brown at the tips. It is only the first set of leaves. What could be a problem. Just using miracle grow 20-20-20 potting soil. no fert, 600 watt light. Air ionizer/fan...
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