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  1. luvsmokinweed

    Luvs 3rd Indoor - New Strain F1 Generation

    Okay!! This run, im going to start stabilizing one of my new F1 strains. The seeds are a cross of an unknown sativa strain, that produced some good stuff, and Sledgehammer (a new strain that my friend stabilized for me a few years ago before I became a gardener!). :) For now I have two in a...
  2. luvsmokinweed


    Is this enough light for a good flowering?; 1x 50w(200w eq) CFL 2700k 3860L 2x 23w(100w eq) CFL 2700k 1500L 1x 100w MH 6000k I was told this puts out about 30,000L im not sure if its true or not. My friend says he grows 15 plants under his 100w MH in a corner of the room with no...
  3. luvsmokinweed

    Is this really a Strawberry Cough plant!?

    There isn't really much left to make a journal from, Im thinking about three days till harvest. Its just something telling me that this isn't a real strawberry cough plant. A friend gave it to me as a seedling. He had no space for it and its was very neglected. I did what I could to bring it...
  4. luvsmokinweed

    Leaves Burning

    It started with one plant that died now all of them are on the same path to death!! Soil: MG Lighting: 100w MH Dist. Frm. Light: Was about 3-5in. now 7-9in (I thought the light was the problem still not sure) Temp: 82-84 day 72 night RH: 46-57 Watering: every 4 days or so Pics...
  5. luvsmokinweed

    Unknown Bag Seed

    This is my harvest from my first indoor grow!! The high was more of a strong couch lock type body high!! It had a very strong skunk/lemon smell to it when you break it down but if a fresh bud was untouched after harvest, you could hardly smell anything!!! Def. a keeper so I cut three...
  6. luvsmokinweed

    Can I use the dirt from my recent grow?

    Im getting ready to start my 3rd grow and my pockets are low. I was thinking... Since I used bull**** MG dirt last grow, could I re-use it this grow? I ask this because I want to use the little money I have to get nutes and was hoping the last plant would have used all the crap in the MG dirt...
  7. luvsmokinweed

    Is it possible to create a new super strain from mid grade bagseeds?

    It has to be possible right? Everything has to start somewhere at one point in time. So to answer this question that so many have wondered,... YES!!! If you take the time and care for your garden as needed, it will produce amazing things!! Although it may be easier said than done! You will need...
  8. luvsmokinweed

    Can 2 males, each a different strain, pollinate 1 female, also a dif. strain?

    Is it possible to cross three different strains in on breed? Can two males pollinate one female and will the seeds be a cross of all three different strains in one?
  9. luvsmokinweed

    Luv's SourBlueKush 2nd Grow!

    This is my 2nd grow!! I will be trying my luck with 'SourBlueKush again!! For those of you that have been watching my first grow, you already know that the first 'SourBlueKush' turned out to be male. Enjoy the grow!! :)
  10. luvsmokinweed

    Trouble Posting Threads

    I cant get any of my threads I posted to come up!!! It keeps saying error and request declined!!! Whats going on!!!
  11. luvsmokinweed

    Help! Whats Wrong With My Plant?

    HELP!:helpsmilie:... Its been about three days now and she has been really droopy!!! I have been holding back on watering to see if it was overwatering, but I've noticed no change!!:6: Also, I've noticed yellow spots on the leaves about a week ago and its gotte a little worse!! Can anyone...
  12. luvsmokinweed

    My First Attempt At Cloning & Topping! Did I Do Either Right?

    Hello Everyone!!:welcome: This will be my first ever attempt at "cloning" and "topping"!!! I will be trying it on my "SledgeHammer" using TakeRoot Rooting Hormone for the cloning prosess. If i succeed, I will be topping the rest. I might clone them too!! Anyway... Here is the cut!! Did I cut...
  13. luvsmokinweed

    My First Grow, My Own Strain-Sledge Hammer & Hpno Buzz

    Hello All!! This is my first serious grow. I've planted as a teen, but was never serious about it:tokin: Now that I'm a bit more educated at it (Still a rookie though LOL) I've decided to give it another shot!! Also, a buddy of mine breed me a couple of new strains!!:high-five: It took some...
  14. luvsmokinweed

    Female Plants?

    Ok now its 3 weeks from germ. and a few of my babys have these little hairs!! Is this a sign of young females??:ganjamon:
  15. luvsmokinweed

    Burnt tips on my 3week old "sledge hammer" indoor sativa

    I have ????s on why the tips are burnt on this individual plant. Is it the CFL (23w, 2700k, 1500 Lumens) I installed? Its about 2-2 1/2 inches from the plant. The plant is 3 weeks old still in Veg. stage. I have it (and 7 others) in MG soil, in 8oz red beer cups. Not sure of the Ph or temp but...
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