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  1. heanter

    Late flowering - Advice needed

    Hello, ı am growing 2 jamaican dreams and 1 missing in barcelona from eva seeds. For jamaican dream breeder gives flowering cycle up to 42 days. I am in my 5th week (day33) and ı don't think plants will be ready for that time. Does anyone tried growing Jamaican Dream ? ı have 400w air cooled...
  2. heanter

    Please help! Hermie, opened sacs

    Okay guys, i have 2 plants growing. One is Strawberry blue other is Critical kush from barney's farm. Both are FEMINISED. I learned that SB turned out a hermie that was ok but i think i was late to cut her down. 2 little sacs from bottom was opened a little. Will put pictures down. The strange...
  3. heanter

    Heanter's First Grow - Barney's Critical Kush - Strawberry Blue - HPS -Soil

    Hello everybody, :welcome: I hope you are all doing fine. I met with this friendly 420 community last year. I wasn't know anything about growing cannabis and decided to grow my own and thanks to you all, helped me with my first grow. This grow will be my second but first proper grow with...
  4. heanter

    Need help

    Hi eveyone, I need some help from you guys. It is my first time growing and ı did alot of mistakes. I ordered female bubble gum and had free seed with it which is regular skunk. I put them in a soil which was no good then babies started to grow but they grew so high then ı changed the soil...
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