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  1. GeorgiaToker

    How much do you smoke?

    This question get asked alot and every time I answer my number gets lower as my quality get better. I am still smoking on purple #1 from last year, and I go through about 1/4 of that a week. My indoor weed consist of a maui, and da purps, I make sure to only smoke an 1/8 of each of those a week...
  2. GeorgiaToker

    420 Magazine's Nug of the Month Contest: May 2008

    Re: May NUG of the Month Contest! ^There always is!
  3. GeorgiaToker

    My 420 Buds

    what can i say that all the other have not, beautiful, but you knew that lol
  4. GeorgiaToker

    Im Back!

    I was wondering what happened to you!! Good to see your well
  5. GeorgiaToker

    Can anyone identify this by any chance?

    looks like some mids
  6. GeorgiaToker


    I feel ya bro
  7. GeorgiaToker


    master kush is my biggest indoor yielder to date
  8. GeorgiaToker


    for the price i would pay for an ounce of real kush ($500 dollars my neck of the woods), would buy me a half pound of mids, assuming if i was in the bud buying market I would go with the 1/2 pound for sure cause i have to stay smoking
  9. GeorgiaToker

    Comment by 'GeorgiaToker' in media 'P5140047'

    looks good bro
  10. GeorgiaToker

    Get out your calculators....

    ounce a week for 9 years bout 27 pounds, and it was all free lol
  11. GeorgiaToker

    Soil Vs Hydro

  12. GeorgiaToker

    Whats your fave strain and why?

    I used to grow a strain that I recieved as a freebie from an online seedbank labeled mendocino, it was bred my someone on one of the many online forums that struck a deal with the seedbank, so but anyway it was a pure indica that had a distinctive fish smell and had a menthol like after taste...
  13. GeorgiaToker

    Marijuana + Women

    I remember the days when I was a free man lol...Honey I'm sorry if you are reading this!!!
  14. GeorgiaToker

    Best Book To Buy On Growing Bud

    I agree totally, but i had a mentor in the family who taught me everything I know
  15. GeorgiaToker

    Pod on top of bud

    A seed lol even females can have the occassional pod or could be hermi, I would pick it off. The hermis i usually see dont allow the seeds to fully develop, anybody else notice that?
  16. GeorgiaToker

    What SOIL TO USE

    ocean forest and perilite and all fox forest nutes!!
  17. GeorgiaToker

    Is it worth the extra 70 bucks for a hortilux bulb?

    Re: is it worth the extra 70 bucks for a hortilux bulb ? I love mine dude and I use it for veg and flower for great results!!! Highly recmnd it!!
  18. GeorgiaToker

    can a 400 watt hps be good for the whole grow?

    I use hortilux bulbs the whole way through, good for veg and flower
  19. GeorgiaToker

    Master Kush porch grow

    My first grow was Dutch Passion MasterKush, brings back fond memories
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