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  1. Greenwing blunt

    The Start Of A Re-Veg

    Ok here we are again lol, I am about to embark on another grow journey, a reveg to be more precise. Ok we have the big lady from my previous grow and the little lady from the previous grow plus three clones from the big girl. Your probably wondering way I kept the hami lady and I will give you...
  2. Greenwing blunt

    First Time Member - Sativa Hybrid & Indica Hybrid Grow

    This lady here is my sativa hybrid, she is 3 weeks into flowering. I have been using coco part A and B nutrients as well as bio and bloom excalarator with pk topup. Also here is my indica hybrid she is also 3 weeks into the flowering stage, she is on the same nutrient feed as the setiva but I...
  3. Greenwing blunt

    Hey Guys First Time Member - Just Wanted To Share My Grow With You All

    Not shore if I am posting this in the right thread but here I am. This is my lady she is a sativa hybrid grown under a 600 watt hps using coco part A and B along with bio and bloom excalarator and pk topup, she is currently 3 weeks into flowering but I will post the photos week one from...
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