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    HSO 707 Headband Twins AKA Sweatband

    I had all intentions of continuing to be a 420mag lurker, just stay in the shadows. Then this happened and I thought the community would enjoy it. These were freebies from a non sponsored seed bank. No clue where this is gonna go. Medium? Style? All I know is that I will try my best to...
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    Harvest help! Must be nanners - Advice please

    Day 69 flower (photo) I took a small nug yesterday to get a good look at resin glands and of course sampled the goods. I found an undeveloped seed, only one, now I really don't know what to do. The plant is still pushing white pistils and appears to be starting to crown with new fox tails. The...
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    I recently ran out of B52 and was wondering what the community thought about B-Vitamins. It's hard to find scholarly journals on the benefits and I'm not sure that there are many. I'm mainly interested in feeding my enzymes. Are you using B-Vitamins? If yes, what are you using?
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    First Grow - Casey Jones - DWC - SCROG - Ice Probe Thermoelectric Chiller

    Hello everyone, after a long veg i finally filled my SCROG and flipped. This is my first grow. Things have been going pretty flawlessly to this point. Here are some of the details, if i missed anything feel free to ask. Strain - 1 Casey Jones fem seed Week 1 day 1 of flower was 8/5/15...
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