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  1. Pun Intended

    Seeds and stems.

    I recently started saving all of my seeds so I could rinse them off and throw them in my salads. I heard its a decent source of protein, and I personally think they taste fantastic. I also save my stems and chew on them for their taste...does this make me weird? Is it okay to do? And does...
  2. Pun Intended

    Write our government, help the cause.

    I received an email from the Drug Policy Alliance Action center requesting me to be one more voice speaking out against our government's attempt to continue keeping marijuana criminalized, despite the large majority that is already making their voices heard. Follow this link and write to our...
  3. Pun Intended


    Hey everyone, my name is jessie and I smoke weed. Lol, just thought i should put that out there. Im from Rochester New York and I smoke to replace the medications I would be taking otherwise. When I was in seventh grade I was classified with Dysthymia and Major Depressive Episode 4 with...
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