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  1. CptGeorge414

    White Widow looking a bit sad

    So these girls are roughly 2 days old now and I love them so much I’m constantly checking up on them haha but anyway I took a peak today and saw that they look a bit droopy and flimsy. I know there still new but I’m just a little concerned. Thanks !
  2. CptGeorge414

    Seedlings curling up and dying

    This is the second time it has happened and I have no clue as to why, they also have a little purple on them out of the four only one has sprouted yet it’s still very small
  3. CptGeorge414

    Ventilation Advice?

    How’s it going everyone! So I had a question regarding ventilation. So I had my tent equipment all set up but it was pretty sloppy because I rushed it so I wanted to take it all down and put it up nicely anyway. As I was doing that I remembered my plants are going to need some fresh air and I’m...
  4. CptGeorge414

    White Widow Grow Journal! First Attempt!

    Good afternoon everybody, so this is my first go around with growing. So I decided to start a Journal to keep myself and who ever else is interested updated and ask any questions. Equipment: One MarsHydro 600w LED 4x4 grow tent Pro Breeze Dehumidifier Oscillating Fan Four 1 Gal pot 4 inch...
  5. CptGeorge414

    Our growing grow space

    Hello everyone! I had a quick question for you guys. So I’ll be attempting my first grow in the cash crop 5.0, dumb I know, and I’ll be growing white widow inside of it. So I literally got the seeds 30 minutes ago and there germinating now. The cash crop comes with one 20w led light that’s all...
  6. CptGeorge414

    Beginner tips? Advice?

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to get all the information I can before I start my first grow. So recently I bought a cash crop 5.0 - 6 Plant Hydroponics, that should be arriving in the mail today, because of its small and sleek design, im growing in an apartment so stealth is one of my main...
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