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    Hb 902

    PUBLIC HEARING ON yesterday HB 902 Relating to the penalties for possession of two ounces or less of marihuana and to the issuance of an occupational driver's license. 4/8/2009 H Scheduled for public hearing on . . . Texas Legislature Online - 81(R) Actions for HB 902 Hearing...
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    Legalization in Texas?!

    Allen St. Pierre was heard saying, "..there is a very good chance that an actual legalization bill is going to be introduced in TX soon from Ft. Worth Representative Lon Burnam. In the last two weeks I've helped them draft the bill and provide the economic analysis. Decrim! Med Mj...
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    Smell of Cannabis in the air, smells like Victory to Me

    Down on the Farm, we are almost at 11 hours of daylight and increasing. The night temps are up from their winter freezing temps and days are hitting 60-70s, with an 80 every once in a while. The Sativas and Sativa crossed land race came back voluntarily, about the end of Nov. they...
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    Bob Marley B-day in Austin

    You know it's Gonna Be a Party :3:
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    Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care

    When Texans for Medical Marijuana closed in 2007, there was much sadness and concern in our state over the welfare of patients and the hopes of protecting them and allowing access to the medicine they need. To fill these very big shoes, a new organization has formed called the Texas Coalition...
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    "Marijuana Inc: Inside america's pot industry"

    CNBC'S "MARIJUANA INC: INSIDE AMERICA'S POT INDUSTRY" WILL PREMIERE JANUARY 22ND @ 9p ET / 10p PT MARIJUANA INC: INSIDE AMERICA'S POT INDUSTRY Damn!! Trish looks hot among those 7+ footers, it's the first night of the new pool league season, double damn.
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    Marijuana Policy Project on Russian TV

    YouTube - Marijuana Policy Project on Russian TV
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    Help Eddy Lepp.....important MJ community issue

    ------- Dec 12, 2008 11:51 AM Subject: Help Eddy Lepp.....important MJ community issue Body: Join us in our effort to FREE EDDY LEPP! Eddy is scheduled to appear in court Feb.23, 2009 to face possibly two life sentences. We hope you will take the time to write the judge and ask for...
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    Will Texas become the next state to allow medical cannabis?

    There is currently a bill that will allow MMJ as a defence in Texas. From Texas NORML | Texas Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws " Will Texas become the next state to allow medical cannabis? November 18th, 2008 9:21 pm It is with great pleasure that I inform...
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    Got this from Rev.420 at Green Faith Ministry: Date: Dec 6, 2008 5:18 PM Subject: *ATTN ALL STATES WITH MEDICAL MARIJUANA* problems solved !! Body: We can sue our state government over entrapment and all kind of other laws unless the sates make the dea reschedule...
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    A joke my mom got

    Cute pics go with it. But that's just too much work :3: A koala was sitting in a gum tree...... smoking a joint When a little lizard walked past, looked up and said, 'Hey Koala! What are you doing?' The koala said, 'Smoking a joint, come up and have some.' So the little lizard...
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    Unseat 2 Ohio Supreme Court Justices Nov 4th

    Hot off the Hemp rock press :3: (y'all know she fly's a 420mag banner :-) "High HempRockers, I don't normally advice on who to vote for, with the exception for Cincinnati City Council when they increased penalties against pot. But this is something you all should know about if you live in...
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    Nov. 21st Maysville KY. ROOTBOUND, AFROMAN, & HOT ROD Body: It's that time of year of again, Friday November 21st 2008, Rootbound presents THE HOMEGROWN MUSIC SHOWCASE 2. Live @ the famous NIGHT MOVES in Maysville KY. 470 Tucker Drive. With performances by ROOTBOUND, national recording artist...
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    Ay! Y'all in Houston and on Tx Coast

    Y'all need to let us know if Y'all are okay, someway are another. I'd hate to go to a party this weekend 420 Magazine ® and find out later I should have been someplace else! In case nobody has noticed, SmokinBabe has been silent since last Wend. and I'm gettin' Real Worried about Her.
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    Sponsors Page Down?

    I click the link "Sponsors" (Sponsors | 420 MAGAZINE ®) and get this error message: "Unknown column 'b_campaigns.active' in 'where clause'" Y'all may wanta look into that :3:
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    3RD ANNUAL 6TH ST SMOKEOUT/ 2008 GMMA! Austin, Tx. 20 Sept.

    ---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: 3RD ANNUAL 6TH ST SMOKEOUT/ 2008 GMMA! 420 Magazine - Texas Norml's 3rd Annual 6th St Smokeout 3RD ANNUAL 6TH ST SMOKEOUT/ GLOBAL MARIJUANA MUSIC AWARDS! 20 SEP, MOMO'S CLUB, TX, 5PM-2AM! And 2008 GMMA WINNERS...
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    How Many Generations before ...

    You call it Yours? I figure 3 is good :3: Seed crops and it's mine then it's just Mago's(may go, may not) Before then it just has a name to ID it, if it's unknown. What do Y'all think?
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    New York:passed A.4867-B

    New York: Ask your state senator to call for a prompt vote on medical marijuana On June 18, the Assembly passed A.4867-B, which would protect medical marijuana patients and their doctors from arrest and prosecution, while allowing for safe and steady access to their medicine. Call you senator...
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    blog error

    This was happening before the new servers, When ever I try to post a blog, the site sends me to the Contact admin page. But the blog does get posted. I got an email from the webmaster@420 saying to report it here. So how goes the struggle?
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    USS Forrestal and McCain

    I'm not sure where to put this but just so it's 420ed, had hemp lines at one time. :3: I took Naval ship board fire fighting, several times in my life. This mornin' I found out that the subject of most US shipboard fire fighting videos and movies, the fire that killed over 150 POBs(people...
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