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  1. Bonethugs420

    Turbo Diesel

    I got a qt of what I was told was turbo diesel, this stuff is stinking up my house... I want to try it but I am trying to get a new job right now and don't want to burn my chances right now.. Anyone had this before?
  2. Bonethugs420

    spam kitchen threads

    Whats going on with the spam kitchen threads?????
  3. Bonethugs420

    Can't Smoke - Had a Bad Week

    Lost my job Monday.... Have good smoke but cant burn until I find a job and can pass the PT and possible Hair Sample... WTF!!!
  4. Bonethugs420

    I Love This Thing

    I have an arizer solo vape. This thing is perfect. Getting blazed and not having to shut myself in a bathroom or outside is the best thing ever!!!!!! I vape in my room with the door open and since the big huge burning smell isn't there neither is the worry about the nagging from a non...
  5. Bonethugs420

    Cold weather

    Its as cold as the other side of the bed... Going outside to toke... who is with me?????
  6. Bonethugs420


    Got some Ak47 this past week, am going to try some soon... trying to finish the regs and mids first, what do you think of the AK?:tokin:
  7. Bonethugs420

    Funky Stuff

    Picked up some funky/sweet smelling bud. It had a name of 2 Jack on it... I normally dont care about names on pot, but this is some 2 hit killer stuff.. I took a good 3 hits from my Aqua Pipe and I was tore up passed out by 9pm...:lot-o-toke:
  8. Bonethugs420

    PA trying for the Medical

    just seen it in the paper today while I was at work. Pa is pushing for the same laws and regulations as the other 13 states. ED Rendell said he " would sign it in to law if it is presented right.. so get that $ out... 6 democrats are on it but the fuckin bible belt republicans wont even consider...
  9. Bonethugs420


    I am interested in a secret grow, possibly a large PC tower to do it since I am big with technology and parts etc it would not look odd for me to have an extra tower set up.. Any ideas/thoughts are welcome! Has anyone ever tried this before??:peace:
  10. Bonethugs420

    What did I do!

    I just dropped my grinder full of mids all over my floor....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  11. Bonethugs420

    could you make

    a 420 beer? I am looking for a 420 drink for a manager to brew...for anyone that knows about beer, would a Milk Stout work??? yes brewing from scratch.:thankyou::ganjamon::48:
  12. Bonethugs420

    Good News

    My girl is no longer being evil... I can smoke again.. all I need to get is a vaporizer!! any ideas???
  13. Bonethugs420

    Name that quote

    " I could have smoked that pot and worn that hair":ganjamon:...
  14. Bonethugs420

    Midnight toker!

    its about 11:45 and I am going to toke at midnight!!! whos down with the krown lol:439::bong:
  15. Bonethugs420


    has anyone got a vapegenie before, and do you like it??
  16. Bonethugs420

    New pipe!

    Was just downtown and got a new pipe.. its called an AQUA PIPE.. its a closed water pipe with a hideable stem.. just broke it in and I am flyin...
  17. Bonethugs420

    Hr 5843?

    Has anyone heard anymore news on HR 5843.. if not its 4/17/2008--Introduced. Act to Remove Federal Penalties for the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults - Prohibits the imposition of any penalty under an Act of Congress for the possession of marijuana for personal use or for the...
  18. Bonethugs420

    war on drugs?

    Here is one thing that I want to hear more about from the canidates. I am a democrat already so if father time mentioned something about it doesn't mean I would switch and vote for him... Obama was the only one to say this "program" isn't working and states should be the ones to control it. I...
  19. Bonethugs420

    medical Marijuana history paper

    I am currently looking for information about medical marijuana and its history. If anyone knows of any books or articles let me know.. Thanks ladies and Gents.:peace:
  20. Bonethugs420

    Security Job

    Ok I am going for this security job, and I am pretty sure they will drug test me.. I tested myself yesterday to make sure I could pass. and I did. Do you think they will randomly test me again after said test?. I think I maybe working on the 12am -8am shift... or maybe the 4pm to 12am shift.. I...
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