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  1. Thunderthys

    Max's PC Grow Box Journal - 2013

    I got a gro1 60x's and 30x's loupe with a led light for each side its pro off eBay for 30 Canadian whatever that is ware u r
  2. Thunderthys

    Fridge - CFL - Lst!

    Okay so the fridge is most of the way through its first harvest the blueberry/early sativa is done I think I got a loupe off eBay and the trichomes are about 40% cloudy and even a couple amber cloudy ones.. Soo it's drying our and pulling it...and D&D is about week 4 or 5.. Ill post pics of the...
  3. Thunderthys

    Super-Thrive: Is It Snake Oil?

    ive had a shit time cloning with gels and now a heat mat and airstone doming..ect now all these and ST to my struggle soo i hope your right..and for 15$ a 60ML bottle it better help at the very least.. i hope but thanks for bringing up my optimism
  4. Thunderthys

    Comment by 'Thunderthys' in media 'image1847'

    Fast sativa X blueberry 4.5 weeks
  5. Thunderthys

    Comment by 'Thunderthys' in media 'image1847'

    Fast sativa X blueberry
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  7. Thunderthys

    Comment by 'Thunderthys' in media 'image1846'

    D&D Week 3.5
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  9. Thunderthys

    Fridge - CFL - Lst!

    i have more pics of the russian and others but think i should start a separate thread for my out door collection..good idea... pretty dope outdoor setup as well but for now the nug shot at the bottom is the D&D above that the conkushion ~bent~LST~,above that is my NL seedlings and my tomatoes...
  10. Thunderthys

    Fridge - CFL - Lst!

  11. Thunderthys

    Comment by 'Thunderthys' in media 'image1739'

    I don't kno what it's lacking in its diet but the buds say nothing and this is just to see how the fridge runs for temps and such
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  14. Thunderthys

    Comment by 'Thunderthys' in media 'image1737'

    D&D and auto flower clone AF 3 weeks in
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  16. Thunderthys

    Comment by 'Thunderthys' in media 'image1736'

    D&D 1.5weeks
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  18. Conkushion


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