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  1. beensmokin420


    Waz up? Been a while... Still around, those of you that know me.... Hows it been going!? I've been good, great actually! LMK how you all have been! :439: :peace:
  2. beensmokin420


    Some of you know me and some of you dont.... Just dropping by... I'll be visiting more often :439: Gonna try and give my advice where possible, its been a while though! Berrydizzle! Mr. Mago! Yo guys long time no speak! Anyways just wanted to say hey and what not. :peace:
  3. beensmokin420

    Yo, Yo, Yo,! Its been a while!

    Whats up people? I know I haven't been around much but I'm able to log on more now, I've been going thorugh some tough changes but I'm keepin my head up. Anyways, I just wanted to say whats up and I'm back, not growing, but just here for help/advice n what not. :bong:
  4. beensmokin420

    Toys gettin high

    YouTube - Whitta and Niga like Weed
  5. beensmokin420

    Hanfdestillation 2003

    YouTube - Swiss-Hanfdestillation Part1
  6. beensmokin420

    Weed made in Switzerland

    YouTube - Weed made in Switzerland
  7. beensmokin420

    Amsterdam Cannabis College grow room

    YouTube - Amsterdam Cannabis College grow room 7.7.07
  8. beensmokin420

    eek-a-mouse - Ganja Smugglin

    This is a great song by eek a mouse. Its about ganja smugglin, listen to the words hard enough and you'll understand :3: Enjoy! As always: Blaze up then watch! YouTube - Eek A Mouse - Ganja Smuggling
  9. beensmokin420

    eek-a-mouse - bitty bong bong

    I love this song, get blazed and listen to this one. YouTube - eek a mouse
  10. beensmokin420

    Self Rolling Joint

    YouTube - Self-Rolling Spliff; Backflipped!
  11. beensmokin420

    My electric bill is too much.

    Does anyone know of a device, gadget, or idea that you can buy/use that cuts down your electricity use? I've seen some but im not sure if they work. If anyone has any suggestions on this just post it up! :3:
  12. beensmokin420

    Members only section?

    I have seen this on other sites and I though since our community has alot of 'guest' traffic that we could make a "Memebers Only" Forum. A spot for the members to share info w/ other members and not the public eye. I think this would also make people sign up more b/c they just might wanna see...
  13. beensmokin420

    What seeds to get?

    I can't decide what seeds to buy for my next grow! I need major help. I've been looking into Joey Weed Seeds, White Label, TGA mostly. I want something on the indica side thats tastes awesome and has some purple to it, maybe some Querkle by TGA or something similar, any suggestions on a...
  14. beensmokin420

    Same questions asked a bit too much

    I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I really appreciate seeing everyone jumping into the grow game but it seems like the same grow questions get asked everyday by the new members. I think that we need to come up with a better more informative grow F.A.Q. so that these questions don't get...
  15. beensmokin420

    How long do your clones take to root?

    How long, on average, do your clones take to root? List your method, products, etc... I just started my first pair of clones so I haven't seen any rooting yet. Its been 2 full days and I used olivia's gel, rapid rooters and a 4" humidity dome w/ tray under a 105w fluoro.
  16. beensmokin420

    Smoke/Grow reports?

    I may have missed it but I don't see a forum for smoke reports and grow reports. I really would love to see a section dedicated to this. I'm sure everyone would find it extremley useful. You could make everyone use a template to fill out the reports so its nice and organized and simple to...
  17. beensmokin420

    Beensmokin's Bagseed Bonanza

    Hello again everyone! I started a 4 plant grow 11 days ago in my veg cab in an attempt to find a good female to clone and possibly breed to create my own strain one-day. The weed from which the seeds came was regular shwagg but it had a nice flavor and good bud structure as well as resin...
  18. beensmokin420

    How long does it take to dry YOUR buds?

    I wanted to know how everyone else dries their buds and how long they dry them before they cure them, that is if you cure at all (Some don't). Thanks bs420
  19. beensmokin420

    Jordan of the Islands seeds

    I'm looking at kind seed and I wanna know if anyone has any experience with any of their Jordan of the Islands seed bank strains? Any info on this breeder is always appreciated! :smoke2:
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