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  1. Purpsmagurps

    Purps' Perpetual: DIY 800W & 350W LED, 9x6, COCO/DTW & RDWC

    Thanks! I'm on cloud nine blowin nine clouds hahaha
  2. Purpsmagurps

    Lost In The Fog

    look at Poseidon!!! look at it go!!!! :D
  3. Purpsmagurps

    Store your buds

    Boveda and clamp tops
  4. Purpsmagurps

    How gentle is gentle when trying to make full-melt?

    I go pretty rough.
  5. Purpsmagurps

    Purps' Perpetual: DIY 800W & 350W LED, 9x6, COCO/DTW & RDWC

    Getting better! 100u sour diesel full melt!
  6. Purpsmagurps

    Chapster's Adventure Into RDWC! Indoor 600W LED GC Scrog

    looking good so far! I like the chart. I need to make one
  7. Purpsmagurps

    Lights getting hot

    make your intake come from outside and pull it through your grow box would help, or making sure the exhaust is actually leaving the room and out of the house.
  8. Purpsmagurps

    Lights getting hot

    your air must be pretty stagnant or your box must be super small to be hitting those temps with a qb.... I use 800w of qb pucks and 350 of blurple and sit at ambient in my box with no ac...
  9. Purpsmagurps

    Dry plant: need help

    check your ph. looks like your ph is way off. usually plants dont need anything until they get 3x the size in soil.
  10. Purpsmagurps

    Bubble hash technique

    well, you gotta freeze the bud and trim right away. if you run older trim and buds its dark brown, but I only got green on the next 2 bags after the 220 work bag. you only rerun your stuff if its a bud run. I wouldn't rerun trim 2x. are you using all 8 bubble bags?
  11. Purpsmagurps

    Hydro DWC, First Grow

    OH, and your carbon filterr is hooked up backwards.
  12. Purpsmagurps

    Hydro DWC, First Grow

    what nutrients are you using?
  13. Purpsmagurps

    Hydro DWC, First Grow

    well well! as long as that stays true you got some of this in your future!
  14. Purpsmagurps

    Hydro DWC, First Grow

    No chiller, no hydroguard, no dice. I suggest you get on it quick!
  15. Purpsmagurps

    Bubble hash technique

    thats an easy way. I think dry sift has a way of turning your plant material into dust and makes the end result a little more green but I havent ran it before so im not 100% on that.
  16. Purpsmagurps

    Handling heat for 4'x4'x7' with 1000w

    any hps isnt efficient lol
  17. Purpsmagurps

    Welcome To My Aeroponic Grow

    for sure man! if you go all hydro check out jacks 321 method. easiest cheapest and EASIEST. did I say easy?
  18. Purpsmagurps

    Bubble hash technique

    you should be scooping the fresh melt off the bag with a spoon and setting it on a 25 micron. are you using bubble bags?