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  1. woods brother

    Reeferator, CFLs and LEDs in a Working Refrigerator

    I have had crushing failures, massive successes and now I'm just having fun! In attempt to do what many said couldn't be done I have built my favorite stealth box to date. I had a really bad failure a couple weeks ago so I am keeping my "premium" strains in the proven grow room until I fine...
  2. woods brother

    Sealed system requirements question.

    In a constant desire to confuse myself I build more grow boxes and test different theories. Where I am this week is a SEALED box. I have built a few refrigerator boxes for people and now I want to keep a couple for me to breed in. This oldhead buddy of mine was asking me why I change the...
  3. woods brother

    Freezer grow

    Has anyone ever swapped out the thermostat on a freezer or refrigerator to set it at 72 degrees for a grow cabinet? I have a vertical deep freeze that I ordered a digital refer. thermostat for, to replace the factory unit to maintain a proper temperature grow environment. With all the work I...
  4. woods brother

    Auto Flowering seed questions

    I have always wanted to try auto-flowering seeds just for kicks and giggles, but time constraints are making them more attractive. I have read :reading420magazine:a lot of conflicting info and would like an experienced grower to drop some info on me, and everyone else. Basically I have heard...
  5. woods brother

    Attic Build 4x4 and tall

    I have gotten several requests to do a step by step build for an attic grow room. These are not the cheapest builds, but can definitively eliminate many fears about home growing. You are usually limited to a small space so a huge electric bill isn't in your future. You will have to insulate...
  6. woods brother

    Pot Pancakes? Please God!

    I am baked and HAVE to have some Pot Pancakes! All these recipes are great and the brownies that have me so baked take forever to make. I want to make up some pancake batter and have it on stand by for then I want a quick edible high! Wow that took 10 minutes to type. Someone really...
  7. woods brother

    How much air exchange? Enough CO2?

    I am wondering if... am building a new small space with a ton of light and i want optimum growth. I am pulling 50 cfm of air 24/7 through a 4x4 space that has about 96 cubic feet of internal space. Will i get enough CO2 to my 4-5 plants or should I set my fermentation bucket?
  8. woods brother

    A legend's brother. LOL maybe.

    I am just a simple ole Hillbilly from GA trying to exercise the rights that I fought for. My brother has been at the forefront of this culture for years and I am trying to keep him up with the times while developing something sustainable for myself. I am working on building a hydroponic...
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