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  1. Hydroholic

    Assistance with topping

    You will only top once. I let my 5th node grow out then cut right under that as high as I can.
  2. Hydroholic

    Hydroholic's House Of Colas

    Shoulda,coulda but didn’t top. We will roll with it. The plant is over 6’ tall.
  3. Hydroholic

    Drooping cotyledons on first grow

    Leaves Looks normal. Way to early for the co2, especially with your temps lower.
  4. Hydroholic


    That one for sure. The top plant looks like new leaves not nanners.
  5. Hydroholic

    Autos and MC: looking like Cal d?

    Now I do. With adding the cal mag you are adding lots more N without adjusting your K to keep the correct NPK ratio of mega crop. I use protekt 0-0-3 to rebalance cal mag 2-0-0 if needed. I would stop the cal mag and jump the MC up to 5.5gm-gal.
  6. Hydroholic

    New grower with questions about lolipoping and clones

    Taking clones during flower can cause problems. Cloning is the most stressful time a plant goes through add that with the reversal to veg. It can be done but then you worry about the possiblity of the plant turning hermie.
  7. Hydroholic

    Autos and MC: looking like Cal d?

    6.3 is pretty hot for those size plants plus adding more N with the cal-mag. What cal-mag are you using? Anything else with the cal-mag?
  8. Hydroholic


    Doesn’t look like a hermie to me.
  9. Hydroholic

    Autos and MC: looking like Cal d?

    Looking at the color I would bump them up .5gm-gal.
  10. Hydroholic

    Do You pH For Seeds?

    Nope. Straight out the sink (well water).
  11. Hydroholic

    Light cycle problem

    Since you started over in flower, plants going to take a few days to start production. Watch to make sure it doesn’t hermie.
  12. Hydroholic

    Light cycle problem

    As long as you allow the plant the correct amount of darkness switching from day to night is not an issue. If I have to switch I do it during its dark period and so it gets the extended dark and not the extended light.
  13. Hydroholic

    Should I defoliate at this point?

    I wouldn’t at this point. It’s too late into flower. Right after stretch and nothing after. I take off dead leaves and that’s it after stretch.
  14. Hydroholic

    MC New Formulation

    I have a 22lb bag ready to open. I was hoping someone would run it a cycle before I broke into it. Learn from others mistakes. Lol. Are you saying the black specs don’t dissolve?
  15. Hydroholic

    24/7 or 18/6

    I have never planted 2 auto flowers or photos together and harvested both at the same time. Each plant will act different depending on the pheno.
  16. Hydroholic

    24/7 or 18/6

    Run 18/6. No benefit running longer.
  17. Hydroholic

    Hydroholic's House Of Colas

    Really should have topped the Jack Fast plant. I knew better. Had to set up the small tent to move the babies over and flip the Jack into flower. Light is pinned to the top of the tent. I may have to swap one from the big tent to the mars tent since they are shorter. The green diamond in the...
  18. Hydroholic

    High humidity issue

    If you are already moving enough air, try to run your lights during the most humid time. A/C unit should help drop it also. I fight humidity and had to go to a dehumidifier.
  19. Hydroholic

    Moving plants from indoors to outdoors!

    I would start backing off the hours more like what nature would do. You are going to need to watch them and make sure they don’t start to wilt in the sun. Two plants may not act the same with the same conditions.
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