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    Latest seed purchases

    Here's a place to share your most recent bean acquisitions... As a bean purchasing fiend, I love hearing what everybody is grabbing for their garden... My latest purchase... - mosca old time moonshine - thugpug afterglow ( mendo breath f2) :Namaste:
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    Hockeybry 3.0 Bio-Canna vs General Organics

    Howdy folks... :welcome: I've decided to make a journal and put these two organic lines head to head as I've been curious for some time how the end products would compare in several categories. I will do a write up this evening describing the experiment in more detail Stick around! -B :Namaste:
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    Hockeybry 2.0 Vanilla Kush & Blueberry Cheesecake

    Howdy! :welcome:Haven't done a journal in awhile since I've just been doing clone runs of my sensi stars but I popped 2 new strains in the garden so I'll let all of you great folks tag along! I'm getting a late start on the journal since I was debating doing one but the girls are a few weeks...
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    HockeyBry's 4 Strain Mars LED Journal

    Howdy Everyone.... First time actually doing a journal on here...The girls are currently finishing their 2nd week of 12/12...They were vegged for about 6-7 weeks Enjoy! -B Strains: Strawberry Blue, Top Dawg, Critical Sensi Star, Lemon Kush ( all from Fem Seeds) Tent: 2x4 veg. 3x3 flower...
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    Whorled phyllotaxy

    One of my barneys topdawg fem seeds is expressing whorled phyllotaxy in early veg. Anyone have any experience with a pheno like this?
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    Bloom Stimulator?

    I was wondering if anyone regularly has one in their line up or has tried a bloom booster such as bud ignitor/ heavy 16 fire or some sort of comparable. Do these products do as they say and provide more buds sites ultimately effecting yield when used for the first week or 2 after 12/12 switch or...
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    Whats goin on with my babies?

    Thanks for taking a look...To set the stage I have several plants of varying age looking to be suffering from the same ailment. I'm using Canna Bio Veg and fox farms happy frog soil with no additives. Feeding every other watering at half strength with RO water. The leaves look to be browning...
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    Roots Organics vs General Organics Lines

    Looking to try my hand in organics and looking at either getting a GO Box or one of the boxes from roots organics... Looking for some opinions on these two lines. Appreciate it! -B
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    Nute burn or Deficiency? Help!

    I cant tell if my plants have a deficiency or have burn. The plants are about 4-5 weeks old and as you can see the lower leaves are turning yellow/brown and getting crunchy, but the upper leaves look fairly healthy. I supplemented my FF happy frog with an extremely modest amount of (1/4 cup)kelp...
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    Best LED light for 2'X4' tent?

    Hello All, Here is my dilemma... I want to get one of the reflector light series LED's from topLED... the 96X3w claims its coverage area is 2.2'X4.4' which is sufficient for my grow area.... However I'm skeptical of the true coverage area of this light.. otherwise I'm sure the 144X3w would be...
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    Cloning Question

    Hey everybody... I have a basic question, that I havent been able to find an answer to pertaining to cloning a mother plant. I have read where you want to keep the mother in a vegatative state and clone off her. However, with someone like me starting from normal, not fem seeds, obviously the...
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    Seeds of Africa?

    Hey all... Herbies carries some sativas strains from "seeds of africa". I am curious if anyone has any experience with seeds by "seeds of africa" . Just dont wanna get some non germinating junk and waste cash. Thanks! -B
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    Hey People!

    HOw's it going everybody..... Brand new to the forum here.. My name is Bryan and I'm a scientist in the chicago area... Just wanted whats up and introduce myself... seems like a solid group of people here, stoked to be part of the community.. Peace! -Bryan
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