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    Welcome To Club Quadrant


    Calling All lighting experts for advice

    Let's keep this all super easy and basic. Is 240 QB Samsung diodes sufficiently gonna grow 4 plants ina 3x3 tent ? 1st pic 60cm above floor the 2nd is 30cm above. I dont understand Par/nmol values. Just lux and watts. So basic question looking for basic answers here to help guide my choice...

    Welcome To The Quadrant!

    Welcome Everyone who views this thread! In this thread I will be updating regularly on four different strains being grown together in the same environment, so I will put labels on each photo/post so everyone knows which strain is which throughout this thread. Off to another adventure here...

    The Cannabis Project

    Welcome and let's get rolling... I've collected a bunch of Landrace Genetics over the last few years and I'm very interested in preserving the Original Genetics for future generations, collectively we shouldn't allow Landrace Genetics to be squashed... I'm also interested in making high...

    Two, Zero, Two, Zero Let's Grow

    Welcome Everyone who views this thread! I invite you to take participate here, and encourage everyone to post Comments, questions, conversations and criticism. Let's get to it! Equipment being used: 3x3x6 ft Pure-Tent 10" Carbon-Filter and 4" Vortex Fan 24" Box fan strapped right to the...

    How to mix Gibberellic acid: GA3

    Hey all, This is a quick "How to" thread on how exactly to mix up some Gibberellic acid (GA3)... I'm doing this to help anyone who doesn't already know how exactly to do this. Enjoy! You need some things to start; #1) Gibberellic acid (GA3) #2) 70% Rubbing Alcohol #3) Water 10 Millilitres...

    Cannabis Recipe Thread

    In the wake of this worldwide lockdown from Covid19. Everyone is inside and likely worried about there health and lungs in general. Let's help advise others and give good advise to people who wish consume cannabis instead of smoking it. We all can help by adding to this thread, over time I'm...

    Science Experiment Of Cannabis Seed Production Theory!

    What are we doing? Looking to find out, Is it possible for a single female cannabis plant to produce more then one round of viable seeds from a single pollination? How are we doing it? Through manipulating Veg and Flower cycles. What is the point? Can we produce multiple rounds of seed...

    Round Two: Cannabis Production!

    Round Two - Cannabis Production! Hi Everybody, Im CADBOY. This is my 2nd grow on this fourm and I am eager to make the most of it. This round I really would like to grow out 1 plant for obvious reasons (small tent) but Im seriously torn. I just recently received some amazing Genetics. Thank...
  10. CADBOY

    What would you do?

    Hey everyone! Delemia for my next grow. Ive only got a 2x2x6 ft tent with several strains autos and fem photos available. CBD, THC, Hybrid and of course a mix of Sativa Dominant and Indicas, but I can only grow 4 plants max! regardless of the size. I also plan to use STS method to make some...
  11. CADBOY

    Just to confirm my thoughts please look

    Either N deficiency or P, correct? If it was nutes burn, new growth would be affected and the leaves would be crispy also.... Over watering would do the same but alot more leaves would be affected yes? Only happening to 3 lower large fan leaves, 2 days before this 4 or 5 very small leaves...
  12. CADBOY

    Cannabis Under Pressure!

    Been wandering around the web and bumping into a few fourms, threads webpages detailing how other people had been using this machine ( Instant Pot ) to either Decarb, Cook, Infuse or otherwise invent and/or improve or experiment with transforming Cannabis into an "other" product to consume for a...
  13. CADBOY

    DIY lighting for 2x2 tent

    4x Samsung 24v, 3500k, 50w, lm561C S6, 90 CRI 96 diode, 30mm x 500mm led strips. 1x Mean Well HLG-240H-24A Switching LED Power Supply, Single Output, 24V, 0-10A, 240W, "Parallel" 1x Double-Sided Thermal Adhesive Tape 30mm x 25' 10x 5 Way Terminal Block/ Wire Connectors 16 guage stranded 300v...
  14. CADBOY

    How to make RSO capsules easy directions

    First off this is for educational purposes only and if you attempt this and anything negative happens, I will not and cannot be held responsible... DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISKS! Do NOT attempt this near ANY children or pets and always do this in a well ventilated area...
  15. CADBOY

    Grapefruit Auto Hempy!

    Heyy All, Im CADBOY... Hope to share my journal with you all as things move along. Hope to learn, chat and hangout while the weeks go by. Decided to grow an Auto only my 2nd time ever. Seen quadlineing technique and thought this is cool beans ;) Sativa-dominant Grapefruit Cannabis strain by...
  16. CADBOY

    Southeastern Ontario, Hey

    Now that everything is legalized, let's get growing. Look forward to meeting a boat load of people.
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