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  1. SkinnyChef

    I was stoned and I missed it! LOL

    Greetings 420!! It's been about 4 years since I have last posted and have kind of lost touch with the haps here in :420: I just posted in the Plant and Bud Photos section to get things rolling! LOL...I'm stoned ummm I think it was titled Beautiful Marijuana Flowers!....but *sigh* I'm one bong...
  2. SkinnyChef

    Beautiful Marijuana Flowers!

    Mango Plant 1 day from harvest! :bravo: The cool night air has made them sticky sweet and the look beautiful! Thought I would share!
  3. SkinnyChef

    How I spent my 420 - how did you spend yours?

    As I had replied to the "What are your 4-20 rituals?" thread... I attempted to do 420 bong hits. I don't have a great bong..just a little 8" plain glass job that costed all of $20.00. I saved for 4 months to buy the extra smoke for 420.. I got 1/4 oz of White Rhino, 1/4 oz of Blueberry & 1/2...
  4. SkinnyChef

    Milky to Amber

    Hey everyone I am flowering some grape ape. Its been 7 weeks... the trichomes are milky and the buds are turning brighter in color everyday. Is it a matter of days or still weeks before they start to turn amber??
  5. SkinnyChef

    Nice Buds Flower Day 44

    Its day 44 of flower on these ladies! I just want to put my face between them big ole buds and....
  6. SkinnyChef

    Changing to higher watts during flower

    I have been using a 400 watt hps to flower my plants. They are in week 7 now.. My question.. Is it going to hurt my plants to have them under 1000 watt MH now?? Will they do something I don't want? My son gave us a set up (1000 watt) and we put it over our grow. There is plenty of air...
  7. SkinnyChef

    Shake & Bake

    For the stoners out there that have not tried it... The dry ice method for making hash WORKS!!! In less than 5 minutes start to finish we were getting high on it and got a MUCH better yield than the old ice and water method!!!!!!!!!! Shake it out...then bake. No waiting for it to dry..you...
  8. SkinnyChef

    My Grape Ape 400 watt HPS

    Just thought I would post this and see what you all think.. Using a single 400 watt hps to flower..I have no idea if these plants are producing alright for the lower watts used. They are in day 37 flower.
  9. SkinnyChef

    Skinny's 400 Watt Indoor Grow # 3

    Hey everyone :circle-of-love: Me and the Mrs have this small place in our bedroom closet for our grow. I made this planter for them here is a diagram. We use Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and Age Old Grow for Veg Nute. We started with seeds.5 Grape Ape and 1 303. Here is a pic of them at 4...
  10. SkinnyChef

    My Favorite Marijuana Song

    I hope you all will "light up" at least one time listening to this song. Please enjoy!! " Listen to me brothers and I'll tell you true..Marijuana is good for you oh yea Marijuana is good for you."
  11. SkinnyChef

    Lucky Me

    I don't know how I have been so lucky.... But the last two places I have worked... Everyone (owners included) Uses Medical Marijuana. Yay for some hemp freedom
  12. SkinnyChef

    The Weed I Smoke

    Well...it has been 378 days we have had our medical cards for marijuana. We have kept a list of every strain we have smoked in just over a year. One really good thing about this medicine is there is not one in the lot that we didn't like...It's all good! 1. AK47 2. Banana Kush 3...
  13. SkinnyChef

    If I can't remember

    Sometimes when I am toking with the Mrs, after I cough from hit...a minute later I can't remember if I hit the bong or not.... So the question came up... If I am stoned enough to forget weather or not I did the last bong hit ..am I stoned enough?? OR Is it just the...
  14. SkinnyChef

    Going Ape A.K.A Grow # 3

    Here is a pic of my Grape Ape Seedlings at week 4 under a 400 watt veg light for now. Will switch to HPS in another week to start the flower.
  15. SkinnyChef

    There are people who care

    Our ( my wife and me) medical marijuana cards expired and we had no funds to re-new them. Through a friend we we're introduced by phone to a care giver that only helps people that have income issues. She has paid for the doctors visit and the state fees. And we are able to purchase our med's...
  16. SkinnyChef

    How Many Weed Smokers Does It Take?

    How Many Weed Smokers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb????
  17. SkinnyChef

    My Birthday

    Yesterday I turned 54... I thought I would do 54 bong hits in celebration... It took me all day to do it...lol. Damn it's not as easy to do as I thought.
  18. SkinnyChef

    Medical Marijuana Temp Permit for Travlers

    let's say my wife and I wanted to go to Calif or Arizona or any other state that has medical marijuana for vacation/ visit family etc. Our Colorado medical marijuana license is only valid here in Colorado. Traveling with marijuana out of state can be very risky. What if anything can be done?? I...
  19. SkinnyChef

    Peanut Butter Sandwich

    Today a chef friend of mine invited me to his place... He said he wanted me to try his peanut butter sandwich. I figured it was a.."sandwich" .... but when I got there it was a sandwich of.. keif infused sublime buds with a big gob of this extract I have never had "peanut butter" smeared in the...
  20. SkinnyChef

    Skinny's Year Of Strains

    Me and Mrs Skinny got our medical marijuana cards in February this year and have kept record of every strain we have tried....... So Here Is Skinny's Strain List 2011... 1. AK47 2. Banana Kush 3. Pineapple 4. Big Buddah Cheese 5. Leafy Green Skunk 6. Herojuana 7. Cherry Lime 8. 303 9. Jah 10...
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