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  1. Soil2Coco

    Soil2Coco's Autoflower Journal

    I’ll be transitioning over to this journal as I finish my photo period plants in a few weeks. Going to Miami on Friday for a cruise to the western Caribbean for a week. Goodbye snow and -30 wind chills. Hello sandy beaches and sunshine!! Wake and bake with the ladies!! Pain was pretty bad...
  2. Soil2Coco

    Soil2Cocos Multistrain Journal

    Hi guys, I’m another lurker that’s finally getting with the times. Some of you might now me from Grasscity or AFN, but figured I’d try this place out too. Let’s get down to business. Flower room table one. 4x4 slanted table that drains into a gutter. I have a 20 outlet drip manifold setup in...
  3. Soil2Coco

    Soil2Coco joining 420 Mag

    Hi everyone. I’m a well known forums contributor just looking to expand my horizons. I’m a stage 4 cancer patient that is treating my ailment with the medicine I do love to grow and consume. Ethos Genetics has to be my favorite breeder since everything I touch of theirs turns to fire. I love my...
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