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    Unknown strain with Long Veg, FIM, LST

    Hi all, this is my project that I’m doing from January. It went trough a lot! Moving place 4 times in its life. Started indoor under cfl than ended up outside on window ( got very unhappy and lost most of foliage and grew three fingered leaves. After that I moved it to balcony , repotted just...
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    CFL only: Lemon Pie, few days before harvest

    I’m so proud of this plant. My first indoor growth and im happy with the effects. Some info. Veg: ~6w Flower: 7w Medium: soil Nutrients: 3-6-3 birds guano Lights: cfl 250w duo + cfl 85w Light cycle: 18/6 - 12/12 Grown from seed Training: 2x suppercrop, FIM, LST. Let me know what you think...
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    Unusual branching

    Hi, I found something I couldn’t find explanation for so I will ask you good people. I’m growing Lemon Pie and I’m in a 3rd week of flowering. Everything looks normal except of one branch. This branch, on one nod, has 3 fans and 3 branches / bud sites. The rest of the plant is usual. My whole...
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