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  1. sleepless

    Drain to Waste - Tent

    Who all runs drain to Waste in a tent? Didn't like my last setup and I'm curious what others do. Let's see your setups.
  2. sleepless

    DIY Nutrients

    Curious if anyone on here makes their own nutrients. I recently found everything I need locally and am interested in others experience. From what I have seen there's not much in these nutes other than salts and maybe some amino acids. And I don't believe there is any data to show amino acids...
  3. sleepless

    Sleepless Goes Auto, Fastbuds Fastberry, KISS Test

    I am just completing my scrog and while I wait for my next round to Veg I am trying my hand at Fastberry by Fastbuds. They were placed in rapid rooters that were soaked in rooting formula 24hrs. And 36hrs later All 5 are up and placed in their final home. So details; I am completing a...
  4. sleepless

    SIT Ferts

    I watched a video on the weekend in which the man is making his own part A/B ferts from dry ingredients and getting fantastic results. He uses masterblend fertilizer as the main ingredient. Has anyone tried This? The fact is we are paying for water. I used to get the dry mix from Dutch...
  5. sleepless

    Clogged Drip Emitters

    After a trip on the road for 5 days I am looking at the possibility of losing a plant due too a clogged emitter. This emitter lasted less than1 grow before clogging. Looking for suggestions from other who have run into this. Any suggestions are appreciated. Crop King White Cookies - Drip...
  6. sleepless

    Montreal Anyone?

    Anyone from Montreal on here? Crop King White Cookies - Drip Irrigation - DIY Citi Cobs - SCROG
  7. sleepless

    Crop King Seeds - Crown Royale - 30 Watt LED Mother

    Well I have started my first Mother plant. Strain - Our signature strain is a full bodied, bushy Indica that is a great yielder, easy to grow and strong in both CBD and THC levels. An overall "Best Of" in all categories, the newest addition to our famous strains was specifically bred for...
  8. sleepless

    Supersoil - Canada

    Good day all. I am in the process of switching to Organic. I am trying to build a soil from easy to attain soils and minerals. Home Depot - Canadiantire etc. So far I have mixed; 1 part CIL - Triple Mix with Kelp 1.5 parts Promix Organic Herb And vegetable 1 part Guano 1 part Worm...
  9. sleepless

    Organic - promix

    Hello all. I am now running using a drip to promix setup. My question is if there is a way to switch too organic? I want to finish my current supply of nutes then go organic but I'm told it is no good for the drip emitters. Curious if anyone has experience here. Thanks.
  10. sleepless


    Wife says they are dirt flies lol No ill affects but first bug in tent.
  11. sleepless

    White Cookies - Drip Irrigation - DIY Citi Cobs - SCROG

    Crop King - White Cookies Type: Indoor / Outdoor Growing: Easy - Moderate Flowering Time: 9 Weeks Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica Effect: Indica Body Rush THC: Moderate - High THC%: 19.25% Laboratory Report THC Chart CBD: 0.75% Laboratory Report CBD Chart CBN: 0.24% Laboratory...
  12. sleepless

    PH levels and RO Water

    Hello all. I have switched to RO and am a little confused. After adding nutes I could dump a bottle of ph down and it barely moves(bring dramatic) I literally add 5x more ph down and it barely moves. It has sat 48hrs prior to nutes so I am unsure what to do. Here is my journal if you need...
  13. sleepless

    Purple Kush

    Half way through flowering CKS Purple Kush. Loving the strain. Have White Cookies up next. Here's a shot of my current setup; 3x3 Diy Cob CKS Purp Kush
  14. sleepless

    DWC vs Drippers

    Hello all. I am debating the use of dwc or drippers. So far drippers seem the logical choice for 2 reasons; 1 - heat in reservoir would be an issue 2 - I am often away in 5 day increments. Looking for experience from those who have used either or. Thanks
  15. sleepless

    Seedling Issue

    Just stopped buy a buddies to check out his grow. He has an LP so I am hoping to be not far behind him once I get approved. He has these seedlings at day 11. Temps 74-79 RH 39-50 Fan inside for circulation as well as 4" extraction fan and 6" passive intake They got 1/8th nutrients water...
  16. sleepless

    Purple Kush Feminized - 3x3 Tent - 700 Watt Mars - Newbie

    Hello all. This journal may take a bit to get going but I would like to try and avoid some mistakes. Here are the specs; Strain - Crop King Purple Kush Feminized 700 Watt MARS II LED 3x3x6.5 600D Fusion Hut Mylar Grow Tent 4" Fusion Breath Fan — 189 CFM 4" Fusion Breath...
  17. sleepless

    Purple Kush - Feminized

    Good day all. I recently picked up Purple Kush Feminized Seeds. In the past I always went straight to paper towel but it had specific instructions I needed to follow according to sales guy. After 18hrs I removed from water and none cracked. I have placed on paper towel as er instructions...
  18. sleepless

    Prairies Anyone?

    Any Prairie growers on here? Love to meet some people in the area to chat and learn from. Thanks
  19. sleepless

    Gearing up - First Med Marijuana

    Hello all. I have been reading awhile and finally jumped in. My DR has recently prescribed the use of Cannabis for medicinal purposes. I will be ordering to start out while I wait for my license to grow here in Canada. After doing my research I have ordered a 3x3 tent, 700 Watt Mars...
  20. sleepless

    Sleepless - Hopefully not for long

    Hello all. As seen by the subject I am sleep challenged to say the least. After 2 years of different meds that only made things worse my Doctor suggested trying Cannabis and wrote me a prescription. I am new to all of this and this forum has been a great resource. Honestly I am now...
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