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  1. SweeetExide

    Jaws Great White Shark - G.H.S. 2018

    flushed remaining nuts out of soil, runoff went from ~200-300 to ~0-100
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  4. SweeetExide

    Tead's Indoor-ish, Winter, Hempy, OGK, SOG

    burl'd concoctions are the best.... haha now i'm hungry for some of that i wanna hear this song lol "Hymn to the Mudfish"?
  5. SweeetExide

    Gorilla Cookies, Soil, Monster Cropped,1200W!

    looks like a full tent ! great work :Namaste:
  6. SweeetExide

    Defoliation - Is there yet a definitive answer?

    this one on gas exchanges in goldenrod after defoliation, specifically about of leaf and area on the plant affected https://besjournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1046/j.1365-2435.1998.00193.x and this about carbohydrate store in biomass after defoliation in perennials The dynamics...
  7. SweeetExide

    Jaws Great White Shark - G.H.S. 2018

    lots of growth, pushing 10 weeks flowering
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  12. SweeetExide

    Music for the garden

    I dodged a few flying objects on the way to my computer, that was close.... Found an interesting pdf https://jcaa.caa-aca.ca/index.php/jcaa/article/download/1358/1100
  13. SweeetExide

    KCCO’s First Grow In Hydro

    doubt it, your system is under 100gal isn't it?
  14. SweeetExide

    KCCO’s First Grow In Hydro

    Ideally you want them drinking so that's good news! So with a falling water level and static EC.... the pH still drops. What are the res temp fluctuations like for day/night? Usually this means you should raise the EC but since you are at the higher end I'd wait and see how it recovers after...
  15. SweeetExide

    Exide's Four Strain RDWC 2018

    Seeds started May 20th and they all cracked open their seeds in 24hrs Starting in Pro-mix HP and taking clones for the hydro system Blue Dream - Humboldt seeds 70% sativa 30% indica King Tut - Smoke Signals 60% sativa 40% indica Blueberry OG - Barney's Farm 30% sativa 70% indica Northern...
  16. SweeetExide

    Music for the garden

    Hello! Great read for sure however I'm skeptical of all. There have been some trying to find a link between sound and plants for a while, many studies have been carried out in various ways changing the volume, frequency and duration. I've heard many people speculate it's not just the music, but...
  17. SweeetExide

    KCCO’s First Grow In Hydro

    How was your water level in that time ? They still drinking ? The bubbles from your air pump shouldn't be strong enough to break roots but should break the surface tension in the bucket.
  18. SweeetExide

    1st Grow: Blue Dream

    Greetings, LED's vary from brand to brand but being so intense i'd start with 36" on seedlings and clones and move it down an inch closer a day to the seedlings until I hit 24" for veg. Flowering mine sit 16-18" above the canopy but plant size matters. Give the little ones time to grow and if...
  19. SweeetExide

    Virgin Ground And The Little Star Asterion

    Welcome indeed ! Green thumb on you for sure, will enjoy watching this one
  20. SweeetExide

    KCCO’s First Grow In Hydro

    Looks good to me !
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