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  1. K.puff&stuff

    Is it possible or just a myth seeds determination

    I use this once and didnt work out for me Tiresias Mist. Silver ThioSulfate i'm going to read up on this have to produce the right line of plants
  2. K.puff&stuff

    Is it possible or just a myth seeds determination

    yea i thought that as well ill get a mix of both i'm sure. well its not a lost the one will require less time and doesn't care about lighting the others will take longer. so ill treat them like photo seeds and then see what i got as sexes. I presume that the one that will go into photo mode and...
  3. K.puff&stuff

    Is it possible or just a myth seeds determination

    Hello all was wondering if i can get some help here. I got some seeds from a auto that i pollinated with a photo male. Outcome who knows? Question is Is it possible to know if seeds is male or female befor going into soil?? Thanks
  4. K.puff&stuff

    Harvest some seeds

    well its been a few month and i'm about to try these things out is there a way to find out if seed is male or female looked on internet some say to look for a volcano type hole ?? Any idea would help
  5. K.puff&stuff

    Laughing Buddha

    closed i f up these plants in green house with brown mold water dripping to much humidity huge lost
  6. K.puff&stuff

    Do I need a closet or tent: I have a full room

    Put black and white on your walls doesnt take long before your wall are destroy from humidity i have a 10 x10 tent and i took it down so i can see what it would be like in garage 12x20 yea i'm putting tent back up more control lots more control
  7. K.puff&stuff

    My Purple Critical

    Ok that's were I got my seeds as well. Its is true that you may experience a plant that is slower then other but they do catch up.The smell yep mine had more of a bubble gum grape smell to it but its not bad at all. Show pictures of the final product yeild as well. And when your ready like the...
  8. K.puff&stuff

    My Purple Critical

    I cant really see the colours but looks ok what i dont like is to see your leave pointing downwards could be the picture. Also when you see your leave having some black on them it mite be a sight of lack of potash . This just me and what i can see in pictures. Were did you get the seeds from if...
  9. K.puff&stuff

    Laughing Buddha

    Ahh the Buddha I have 9 growing at the moment and mine are touchy there in soil and not coco. Hmm they love to eat if in coco feed them well they love nutrients. They like the heat 25 27 degrees c. They will get sick fungus in humidity and not just one they will all dies together they all get...
  10. K.puff&stuff

    My Purple Critical

    ok good luck cannygrow hope they look better them mine
  11. K.puff&stuff

    My Purple Critical

    It was 12 maybe 14 weeks total I dont remember the yield but it was good i had a few growing at the time and wasnt going for the yield but to see the growing aspect of this auto flower. I find this auto is a very nice colourful looking plant smell was not bad at all. I would like to be kept up...
  12. K.puff&stuff

    My Purple Critical

    Hm its an interesting plant it doesn't really like food it grows ok. for the sugar of the plant ill give it a 3 only for the high it wasn't there. I suggest to keep these plants on a strict ph level. The lights 600 then up to 1000 in flower they will take off nicely. I used cyco platinum as...
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  14. K.puff&stuff

    Harvest some seeds

    Hi guys I harvest some seeds from autoflower critical purple that I pollinated with a male purple fusion the seeds are ok some green some white but most brown with tiger stripes or dots. Will the beans be female auto? or will it turn to photo? when can I use the seeds to they need a trying time...
  15. K.puff&stuff

    420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: October 2018

    Purple critical before harvest
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  19. K.puff&stuff

    About seeds

    yea i seed them in the green pouch cool
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