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    Storing marijuana

    Man, I always use plastic. Thanks for this informative post. I'll switch to glass soon! :)
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    Favorite edible?

    I only know one edible: brownies. :)
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    Dumped because you smoke weed?

    Don't worry hipchick, you will meet stoner girls and boys in college! Oh, I must add, my boyfriend's stoner pals don't like me. They call me "junkie girl" behind my back when they haven't even seen me blaze. That was the last straw. I stopped being their friend from then on. Who needs losers anyway?
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    Time For Change In Kentucky?

    Although I am not from Kentucky, I personally think that it's a great thing that states are finally getting open minded about legalizing marijuana. It's a about time!
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    Things I Do When I'm Stoned

    I usually eat a lot. My ex boyfriend used to make fun of me whenever I'm stoned because I eat twice or thrice as much as I normally eat when I'm stoned. Then of course I sleep. Sometimes I tend to get the negative vibes so I just shut up and sleep but most of the time, I just think of happy...
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    Colorado May Set Limits For Driving After Marijuana Use

    It's reasonable for the state to issue driving limits. I can't seem to concentrate in driving when I'm stoned but that's just me. I have low tolerance in MJ but I know a lot of friends who can smoke and drive safely. I guess it's just a case to case basis. For the good of all the citizens, I...
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    The Feds Are Addicted to Pot - Even If You Aren't

    Yes, the media is circulating negative reviews about cannabis. It's a good thing forums like 420magazine sticks with the facts rather than accusations about the drug.
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    Damn panic disorder

    I don't suffer from panic attacks but it's good to know that MJ helps relieve the attacks. Weed really has a lot of benefits.
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    Why do you smoke weed?

    What an excellent question. So, why do we smoke weed? I don't know how, why and what made me start smoking weed. Maybe it's because of peer pressure or I was just being curious. One thing is for certain, it keeps me sane. It keeps my creative juices flowing. Weed is my recreational drug both to...
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    Best things to do while stoned

    Watch a movie at home with some friends who are quite as stoned as you. It'll be hilarious!
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    Dumped because you smoke weed?

    I wasn't really dumped because of smoking because everybody knows I smoke weed here. I think it's a major turn off for other men. I don't really understand it. I mean, people who smoke weed don't like stoners as a partner while people who don't smoke weed prefer being with stoners. I guess...
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    Marijuana Myths

    Why do others tell all these lies about Marijuana? People should be informed of its medical uses.
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    Do you find it shocking that clergy love cannabis?

    The problem is, everyone wants to keep it a secret when the truth is, almost everyone's smoking weed nowadays.
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    Raids Ignore Public Will

    yes, I feel you man. :rollit:
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    The Strongest

    There are good sativa strains in the market but if you really want the best bud, try looking online.
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    How do I germinate seeds?

    I do the paper towel method.
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    Drink More Water When You Smoke Cannabis

    water does miracles! Whenever I smoke weed, I get so thirsty I can drink 4 glasses of water continuously. So smoking can really make you drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.
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    Favorite 420 Related Reggae Song Lyrics

    re: Favorite 420 Related Reggae Song Lyrics One of my favorite reggae songs... Welcome to Jamrock - Damian Marley Out in the streets, they call it murder Welcome to Jamrock, camp where the thugs dem camp at Two pound ah weed inna van back It inna your hand bag, your knapsack, it inna your...
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    Snoop Dogg Always Performs High

    wow. I never thought of snoopdogg like that yo.
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