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    Question: If Prop 19 passes

    Prop 19 pros and cons... if it passes, would you buy mass produced cannabis if it were easily available and low cost :joint: , or would you buy smaller production higher quality fresh cannabis from your local grower :yummy:? I ask this because as a small grower in an already very competitive...
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    CanbisMxmus Grows Mothers

    This should be some good stuff peeps! I have 5 MK Ultra (G-13 x O.G. Kush), plus 3 Dynafem seeds, one each of: Blue Hash (Blueberry x Cali Hash Plant), Blue Widow (Blueberry x White Widow), and White Widow (whatever the WW blend is). These are T.H. Seeds, and Dynafem genetics. All five of...
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    Trainwreck x SSH

    Hello and welcome to my second grow journal.:ganjamon: This grow is of some seeds I produced with pollen from Super Silver Haze (amazon sativa variety, purchased online) and a Trainwreck clone given to me by a friend. The Trainwreck is outstanding, lemon zest with almost a menthol taste...
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    Volks Grow

    Alrighty y'all, here goes something... I purchased a VolksGarden, a Quantum dim-able 1000w ballast, a Hortilux enhanced spectrum bulb, an Ice box liquid heat exchange, a 6" duct fan, and all my rockwool for just over $3000 USD. (I had a few other odds, and ends too) What really...
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    SoCal Living

    Hello to all, I am a relatively new cannabis grower, recently having moved to an area where it is legal medicinally. I worked many years in turf managementand understand many of the basic generalities of plant growth, nutrition, and pest/disease control. I am learning the specifics by...
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