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    Prices of Hash

    bubble hash;:smokin2: so they say
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    Prices of Hash

    can i get some feedback on how much a half ounce of hash goes for? Here's it around $230-240.RoorRip
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    Classes Teach Patients How To Grow Pot

    have you heard of the new university they have in michigan now i plan on attending in the next 2 years :bong: :peace:
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    Classes Teach Patients How To Grow Pot

    where is this taking place?? new mexico???
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    thats not true; i have many friends who use the niacin vitamin non flush 250mg, the only thing im wondering is how long is it effective for? also i actuallly just took a home test and passed with flying colors and i have been smoking everyday for the last 2 years. im just trying to figure out...
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    Passing Your Urine Analysis

    thanks for the help happy tokes bro.. :bong: :peace:
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    250 mg niacin flush

    thanks bro..happy toking :bong:
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    Niacin: how effective?

    if anyone has ANY info on passing a drug test using niacin (250 mg released tablets is what i have) please let me know..i just want to know how much to take and how prior to the test should i take it all that good stuff..:peace::thankyou::ganjamon:
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    Passing Your Urine Analysis

    what exactly is this jello "pectin" ?
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    250 mg niacin flush

    well i have talked to a couple of military buddies they take it everytime they come home for leave and then u have the people who say it does not work and is very dangerous; i mean niacin is a vitamin rich in B it makes sense becuase most of the detox drinks are vitamin b supplements; i do not...
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    Typical cost of Cannabis across the world

    anything hydro grown the best of best ''street price'' is anywhere from 300-500 over here in the ocean state. but remember that is the street price. i recently came across 5 new strains of GDP 350/oz
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    250 mg niacin flush

    ive been taking 2 every 2-3 hours with 2 glasses of water, (also they are time released and they are not the no-flush brand)i have heard good things about niacin im just wondering..how long do i take it prior to the test(wensday) and how many hours is it good for?:thankyou:
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    Passing Your Urine Analysis

    i will be drug tested wensday afternoon i have started my 250 mg niacin (time released)..my skin is red and blotchy..wat are my odds; anyone? lol
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    Passing Your Urine Analysis

    i need some info on niacin i have talked to friends in the military and police force that use it so it must work???
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    Purple kush

    very good strain but i think blue kush beats it by a long shot..
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    Eating so much your jaws cant keep up?

    i feel more like i cant stop gettin the munchies, my jaws always work.
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    If you could smoke anywhere?

    probally somewhere like the whitehouse, just to be able to say i smoked there.
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    Lets hear from some renters who grow....

    I rent and grow I own a 2 bedroom apartment landlord is really cool I also own the attic above me where I grow and have 3 rooms, 2 of them I use for growing. It is not safe to grow anywhere that is the bottom line it is illegal and until it is legal it is unsafe for anyone. As McBudz stated...
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    Best ways to smoke weed and trip out(in a good way)

    Get a quarter of some high grade bud twist up about 6 or 7 call some buddies to match you and puff until you cannot puff no more I figure after the fourth and some bong rips you'll be trippin and in a good way.
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