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  1. OlderGrower

    Have you ever used an EZ Trim De-budder or any other style De-budder?

    Hey guys and gals, This is not a review but a question to anyone who has had the opportunity to personally operate either an EZ Trim De-budder or a similar brand of de-budding machine. If so, did you notice if it destroyed any of the product or damage any of it? Did it work as well for you as...
  2. OlderGrower

    Pacific Northwest Outdoor Grow 2017

    Day one of this journal but not day one of the ladies who will be the stars of this show. I had originally planned on only growing one variety this summer, I wired a friends grow and part of the deal was access to their genetics. For me, with the position the company I work for gave me, I am...
  3. OlderGrower

    Home in Beaverton OR - Busted with 240 Plants

    I saw this on the news today, they said they cut down 236 plants and left them with just the 4 that they are legally allowed to have. Anyone hear what kind of fine they will be looking at for the few plants they were over on their limit? Deputies seize 240 marijuana plants from Beaverton home -...
  4. OlderGrower

    Anyone else having issues uploading pictures?

    Good morning all I have been out of town for about a week or so and when I got back I took a few pictures to upload for my journal but when I click on the process button it comes back that the pictures can not be uploaded either because of an error or they are to small. I took the pictures with...
  5. OlderGrower

    July 4th- Independence Day or is it July 1st?

    Good morning all, I started to think about the 4th of July and what it means to me personally. Yes it is a great day in American history but in the grand scope of things, I personally never experienced having to live under King George unless you count King GW Bush, but thats a whole...
  6. OlderGrower

    Anyone familiar with a strain called ACDC?

    Hello I am trying to track down a supplier of seeds or clones of a strain called ACDC. If anyone knows anything about where I can get my hands on either seeds or a clone please PM me Thanks
  7. OlderGrower

    1st Try At DWC/Soil Grow - Huckleberry - Cherry Pie - Dogwalker OG - Malawi Gold

    So here I go again. I let my garden go and let all my clones and mother plants die off due to unforeseen issues with life, but things are settling down some and it is time to re-astablish a few strains. A fellow member of 420, I will not name him since I do not know off hand if he would be cool...
  8. OlderGrower

    Where not to buy clones in the Portland Oregon area

    I really hate to write a bad review on anyone, but in this case I would have to make an exception. I called 1st before making the drive to assure that they had clones in stock and that they were healthy. When I arrived at "The Green Planet Dispensary" in Beaverton Oregon, I was greeted by a rack...
  9. OlderGrower

    DWC net pot size

    Good morning, After some hesitation I have finally decided to take the plunge and start my 1st DWC and give it a try. I have decided to start small, just 1 bucket to start and go from there. I will be building my own, a very simple design but the only thing I am not sure about is net pot size...
  10. OlderGrower

    Dry ice method for making hash - Help need advice

    Quick question for those in the know. I just harvested my 2nd grow, well actually chopping it right this second, have 2 plants chopped and have 2 more to finish up tonight, but here is my question. I am planning on taking this whole harvest and making dry ice hash, but the question I have is...
  11. OlderGrower

    Salvaging Grow #2 Using LEDs For Flower & T5's For Veg

    Hi all, This was suppose to be a smooth switch from 1st grow to 2nd grow, but things in life do not always go as planned. 2nd Week of 12/12 completed and I started the salvage operation yesterday. Still have a long way to go. WHAT STRAIN WAS IT WHEN I FLIPPED? 1- Mango (Hybrid)...
  12. OlderGrower

    How To Kill Your Garden In 2 Weeks

    Ok let me start this out by saying, what happened in my garden, I wish upon any man or woman, but it happens and sometimes life deals us cards we just have to play out, no matter how much we want to play others. So here is where we were a little over 2 weeks ago. I just harvested Grow #1...
  13. OlderGrower

    Ever meet one of these?

    A few years back, my wife and I went to a party at a friends house. There was a nice couple we were chatting with when one of them broke out a pipe and started to load a bowl. Now both my wife and I work in industries where we are frequently drug tested so we told the couple we would have to...
  14. OlderGrower

    Cal.+Mag. or Cal.+Sulphur after week 5 of flower?

    Hello all, I saw a chart, not sure who created it or exactly where it was I saw it, but on the chart I saw, they said that the 1st 5 weeks of flower Cal.+Mag. was needed then weeks 6 through harvest the plant needs Cal.+Sulphur. Is this something any of you do or recommend? I am presently at...
  15. OlderGrower

    Looking for a different type of strain for a different type of reason

    Hello everyone, I am putting together a list of strains I want to grow and wanted to get something, well how do I put this, colorful? I already have a few strains picked out for their medicinal effects, and will be growing them as well, but I also wanted to grow one simply for the colors of the...
  16. OlderGrower

    Moving subscriptions to new folders - need help

    Howdy all, I was not sure where to ask this question and I am sure somewhere there is a tutorial on how to do it but I am a techno-dinosuar. I figured out how to create new folders and name them but I have no clue as how to get something out of the subscription folder and into the new folder...
  17. OlderGrower

    How this works and what are they talking about? +rep

    Hi everyone, Today a fellow member sent me a private message complimenting me on the advice I gave someone about "Need electrical advice" That was cool and I told them thanks but they say said something about they gave me +rep and wants to give me more +rep but it is to soon and the site will...
  18. OlderGrower

    Small 1st Grow Already In Progress Using LEDs To Flower & T-5s For Veg

    Hi all, New to this so please bear with me and I will do the best I can. WHAT STRAIN IS IT? 1st Week of Flower completed 1- Mango (Hybrid).... Parents = Mango (Indica) +KC33 (Hybrid) 1- Power Wreck (Hybrid).... Parents = Power Plant + Train Wreck 1-Lemon Sour Diesel (Hybrid)... Parents =...
  19. OlderGrower

    A little about myself Oldergrower

    !st off I live in Oregon where as of July 1st this year recreational marijuana became legal, which I may add in my own humble opinion is about freaking time. I started smoking marijuana in 1973 and did my first grow in 1975 with the help of a friend. Needless to say it was not the quality of...
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