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    Prices of Hash

    can i get some feedback on how much a half ounce of hash goes for? Here's it around $230-240.RoorRip
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    Niacin: how effective?

    if anyone has ANY info on passing a drug test using niacin (250 mg released tablets is what i have) please let me know..i just want to know how much to take and how prior to the test should i take it all that good stuff..:peace::thankyou::ganjamon:
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    250 mg niacin flush

    ive been taking 2 every 2-3 hours with 2 glasses of water, (also they are time released and they are not the no-flush brand)i have heard good things about niacin im just wondering..how long do i take it prior to the test(wensday) and how many hours is it good for?:thankyou:
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    What do you think will happen?

    If I tested positive on my first drug test in a out patient drug testing facility? I'm on probation I have a suspended sentence over my head. The drug testing was court ordered but the judge knew I have been smoking weed, She had stated that it was a "possible relapse"? That statement makes...
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    Marijuana Inc.

    Next sunday on MSNBC at 10pm eastern there will be a show on marijuana cultivation around the united states the DEA and Al Roker will be hosting it. Serious stuff check it out.
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    Has anyone heard of these strains?

    I recently came across some bud and was told it was called M39 has anybody heard of this? its very fluffy and haze like, has a very strong dank smell too and very tasty...I would take a picture but I don't have a camera and I'm typing this whole thing from my phone.. well whatever it is I guess...
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    Good friend of mine jailed, police seized 200 plants back in january

    A good friend of mine was recently arrested in RI when the charlestown and state police raided and seized over 200 MJ plants. I have not been able to talk about this because of legal procedures but that is besides the fact my friend may be facing 25 years to life in jail with no chance of...
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    what is everyones favorite smoking method?

    Curious to know what everyones favorite smoking method is, I'd have to say I still stick with my water bong or sometimes a nice blunt after a long day
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    Grand Daddy Purple

    I havnt smoked any grand daddy purple or what some people on the east coast call "purp" and I am wondering if anybody has seen any out there anywhere its a very good smoke -Mr.401
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