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    Help With Plant Deficiency In Supersoil?

    Need some help guys & gals, Believe it or not - but I suck at picking out deficiencies.... especially in my own garden! Hawaiian Haze, 3 weeks into flower. She is in a 3 gallon bucket of supersoil, at last upcan I was working alone and could not pull her rootball out of 3 gallon bucket, it is...
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    Will recooking soil help with pests?

    I’m running a home brew supersoil based off of faux mix with a fairly standard array of amendments like kelp, ewc, rock dust etc plus added broken up mosquito dunks in top layer of soil. I’ve got fungus gnats and russet mites too. I’ve put the soil in a large trash canister with a snug fitting...
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    Help a brother out: suggestions on bean suppliers

    Hey growers, I was trying to make a purchase with the large seed supplier who is no longer a sponsor of 420 Magazine but the transaction failed miserably and I have plenty of coin in the account. I worked with my bank to resolve this but was not successful. Anyway so now I’m trying to find an...
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    Visualize Whirrled Peas: A Perpetual Garden By 013

    Welcome! I’ve been lurking here for months. For context: I visited here early in my first growing adventure in late 2019 but kinda found it confusing because advice was coming from everyone. Soon I wound up on another grow site that featured one or two voices but they pushed hydro growing...
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