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  1. Serpent

    Black Magic Soil Commercial

    NBA Finals showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, ABC cut to a commercial break for Black Magic Potting soil. Im told Home Depot only in the strategic markets of Washington (legal), Colorado (legal), and Michigan (medically legal) Will sell the soil and even...
  2. Serpent

    Misting plants in the flowering stage

    Hey everyone one my carbon filter came off the other day, i can see little black carbon on some of the plants so i used my spray bottle to get some of the carbon off i know misting in flowering stage is bad (Bud Rot) but in 5-10 min after spraying water it drys out fast so I'm not too worry ya...
  3. Serpent

    Long Time Here - First Journal

    Hey 420 people for the people that don't know me my name is Shelby i grow for my sister she is disability i have never done a journal so sit back roll a joint hit a Dab and relax :thanks: this grow we are doing Chocolatelop,Purple Kush,Candy Kush,Cannatonic. Any help full tips and tricks hit...
  4. Serpent

    Home Made Bug Killer

    was just poking around 420 Mag and find my self reading some cool stuff have you gives ever heard of Tobacco Juice recipe to kill bugs in the veg stage i would not spray in flowering i got a plant off a buddy he got kick out of the house so i got this sorry looking plant full of thrips so...
  5. Serpent

    Home Made Bug Killer

    was just poking around 420 Mag :nomo: and find my self reading some cool stuff have you gives ever heard of Tobacco Juice recipe to kill bugs in the veg stage i would not spray in flowering :lot-o-toke: i got a plant off a buddy he got kick out of the house so i got this sorry looking plant full...
  6. Serpent

    Plant dr have a look need help please

    hows it going everyone hope all is well a friend got kick out if his house and he had 12 plants i got one to save for him may is coming and that's the best time to put plants out door in canada ontario. So long story short that plant in bad shape had bugs big and small lol but there a silver...
  7. Serpent

    What the hell happened?

    both the same i got the seeds from haze o.i there zombie kush the leaves look like a sativa on the tall plant and just the way its growing looks like a sativa right i veg the same feed the same the soil and pot everything what happen why did it grow so tall compare to its sister lol
  8. Serpent

    The Dark Side

    Well its harvest time Saturday thinking of doing the three day in the dark trick what do you 420 people think dark or light. I flush them all two weeks ago there two purple urkel,one super lemon haze, two bubblelisch I'm hoping the three day dark stress the ladies to pop some come THC
  9. Serpent

    Happy Valentines Day

    Happy valentines day i hope everybody's taking care of there ladies both plant and human:circle-of-love: Its so cold in Canada right now my bong ice up in the garage :bong:
  10. Serpent

    Zombie Kush Help

    So i got some Zombie kush seeds the grows going good its 3 weeks veg i had to change the bucket as know it was root bound after i did my bucket swap i was toping and the lower leaves look like then want Nitrogen? or is it a PH problem so i did my bucket swap i mad sure the PH was 6.5 hope it...
  11. Serpent

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Hope all is well just want to wish everyone a happy Christmas happy growing and thanks 420 Magazine and to the team that keep this running smooth :xmas:
  12. Serpent

    Northern Lights is done I think

    10weeks today is my NL it will now sit in dark for two day something told me one more week but I'm happy with 25-30% amber what do you guys think ooo and the lady bug been there the hole veg and flowering I'm sure he help out in some way lol, the last pic is the smallest bud on the hold plant i...
  13. Serpent

    Need Help Finding A Cannabis With Short Flowering Time

    I know there a few types but i know I'm may be missing something I'm looking for a quick flowering cannabis but still have a nice body buzz any info and help would be nice thank you
  14. Serpent

    Think I'm having a meltdown!

    Hi there need a little help i was on here about a week a my inline fan fell on my one plant snapping the main stock a member gave me a sweet tip to fix it but the main question now the plant has a bad problem is it from the main stock having split im growing NL I'm on the 8 week now and i just...
  15. Serpent

    Will My Plants Die? Look!

    I know we have a bad day in the grow room but let me tell you this grow has been crazy but long story short is my plant going to die and let me show you why lol have a look at the pick Yes the inline fan can crashing down hit the one plant the other two are fine let me tell you...
  16. Serpent

    Check out this!

    I have been using HPS for years and love them but the wife going crazy with the hydro bill so I went to CfL I got some big ones as I know they don't penetrate as good just don't like how Messi they look the light and wires everywhere but it does do a good harvest but I keep hearing people talk...
  17. Serpent

    Need Help Identifying LooK

    Any help would be nice I did a full flush and feed quarter strength I think it's magnesium or calcium deficiency but not sure 35-40% humidity 22c 5 weeks in flowering looks like it's starting from the top of the plant working down not root up any help would be nice thanks
  18. Serpent

    Too many ways to cure what's the best

    Try to do some research and can't really dial-in the best method to curing I see so many different people with somewhat the same principle but nothing really adds up for me it's not rocket scientist I place my cannabis in a mason jar for about five hours a day I opened up to check I pour it all...
  19. Serpent

    Need help with humidity

    Kind of crazy but last grow was great the humidity was perfect all the time running 1 plant in soil three in Hydro nothing but problems this time I have two humidifiers a bucket of water and I can only keep the humidity around 34 to 37% guessing when I did the Hydro that helped a lot to keep the...
  20. Serpent

    Healthy plants but super dry?

    I just finished my harvest and onto the next one the clones are 1 week in flowering but I noticed that the lower fan leaves are starting to dry up bad with little light pigments on them I had a fan pretty close to them going fast I was thinking win damage or maybe bad humidity I'm growing in...
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