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    Apollo Horticulture GLK400GW19 400 Watt HPS - Anybody have?

    I'm thinking about getting this off amazon to improve the flowering stage of my plant. It is big and healthy with lots of buds all over but they are small and airy, not filling out. I don't think it is getting enough light. I'm using a 300w LED (I think it is only 130w actual output) and 6 100w...
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    Autoflower Question - Light Cycle and Leaf Trimming?

    Okay so I'm on day 37-39 with this autoflower and I have a couple questions. Around day 30 I reduced the light from 19/5 to 12/12 (after she started to flower). I know that this change in light isn't necessary for auto flower strains but I was wondering which cycle would suit optimal growth...
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    Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto - Soil - LED/CFL - First Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

    Okay so this is my very first indoor grow. Please leave comments and concerns! I've had some very successful outdoor harvests in the past but this is very different. Never had an auto flower strain, never had to buy a light, etc. I've seen a couple other threads with the same strain and this...
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