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    When to swap from 6500K to 2700K CFLs when switching to 12/12

    Ok, like the title says, after I put my plants into 12/12 should I just change out all the bulbs right away, or wait a few days? I don't want to stress them by big changes, that's all, I figure inducing flowering is a big enough change, so would changing all my CFLs at once (10 bulbs) also...
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    Is there any point in keeping a hermie still in veg?

    So my plants are starting to show pre-flowers in veg. The balls .... love to grow (or come earlier I guess) but only one has shown female preflower parts so far. Sadly this is a plant I was planning on pulling cuz its got balls on it too. Is it possible to just rip all the balls off and...
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    What is this? Nutrient Burn? (PIC)

    My plants are 3 weeks old from seed, growing in canna coco coir. I am using the canna line of nutrients (coco A+B, rhizo, cannazyme, PK-13/14). All of my plants are in JUST coco except the plant in this pic (which is canna coco + 15% perlite) The edges of my plants are going badly brown after...
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    Smell as soon as lights and fans go off

    When my plants go into dark, I turn off my fans at the same time (my ambient is <= 65F) so they don't get too cold. Just a curiosity to me though, when this happens there is a strong grass smell in my room for about 5 min then it goes away. It has 2 120mM (90CFM each) PC fans as exhaust...
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    Seedlings in Potting Soil, Transplant into Coco?

    I am trying to grow from seed, I germed my plants and planted them in a potting soil (Promix Multi Seeding/Potting soil). I really wanted to try this CANNA Coco I have for this grow, and didn't think anything of transplanting them into coco once they are ... healthy non-seedling plants, but...
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    How many 120mm PC fans would it take to offset the exchange of a 260CFM squirrel fan

    Ok, so I have a 260CFM squirrel cage fan from a past failed grow attempt. The difference this time is that I will be growing in a dresser, dimensions 39"x39"x16" and it has to be ultra stealth lol How many 120mm PC fans would it take to offset the exchange of a 260CFM squirrel fan (I will...
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    Viability of 400W MH in 2.5x3x1.25

    I have all of the materials from a past grow in a closet using a 400W MH lamp (in hindsight wish i'd have chosen HPS ballast (and lamp)so at least I could have switchability ... anyways thats another story I guess). Living conditions have changed and now the only place I will have to grow is...
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