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  1. Agemon

    The 420 Fotographer Collective: Advanced Cannabis Photography

    What a great pic @Amy Gardner, looks like a tadpole eating another!
  2. Agemon

    The Legion of Doob: Perpetual Chaos

    Sup Doc!?!? I never made it down to visit this past summer, I know we'd talked for a second about that. Hope you and the fam is doing well. Look atchoo stinkin up the yard...
  3. Agemon

    Amy Gardner of Eden: Perpetually Organic

    I hate when I'm smokin a bowl and I get "Seeds Popping In Flight!" Hi Amy!
  4. Agemon

    BeezLuiz & LiquidIntel Are At It Again: Outdoor Grow Season 3

    Hey beez, that blue tape looks great! What happened to the freezer bags?
  5. Agemon

    InTheShed Grows Autos & Photos, Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    Necessity is the mother of invention. "Damnit!!! We want seeds!" Sup y'all?!?!?!
  6. Agemon

    The Emerald City

    Staggered harvest began two days ago. I chopped the most mature parts of the plant. Got around 16, roughly soda can sized tops. Pics to prove it! Stay Baked!
  7. VE8B0037 v2.jpg

    VE8B0037 v2.jpg

  8. VE8B0039 v2.jpg

    VE8B0039 v2.jpg

  9. VE8B0042.JPG


  10. VE8B0044.jpg


  11. Agemon

    The Emerald City

    I'm glad they don't all do that kaleidoscope of colors, more impressive when they just show like that. I'm almost ready to grab the axe, it's sharp and ready for action...
  12. IMG_7105 copy 2.jpg

    IMG_7105 copy 2.jpg

  13. IMG_7110 2.jpg

    IMG_7110 2.jpg

  14. IMG_7115 copy.jpg

    IMG_7115 copy.jpg

  15. IMG_7105 copy.jpg

    IMG_7105 copy.jpg

  16. 049EC006-DBD3-4365-A740-E3ED2E5E6EC5.jpeg


  17. 19EA2751-C93B-4AA7-9D09-1871E324D43A.jpeg


  18. 39077C10-6110-4863-B346-E8764760D19F.jpeg


  19. F7E624B0-9E9C-45D6-8F3D-0B999CA5F153.jpeg


  20. 7367994B-F543-466A-8AF7-1E5731B82F38.jpeg


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