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  1. Alkhemist

    Recirc Top Feed Hydro - 3m x 1.5m x 2m Tent - GLR & LST - 1800W - Assorted Strains

    WELCOME! at this stage i am starting with this, a prelude to my next and current grow.. this will be V2 of this recirculating top feed hydroponic system proper, i have moved from a shed grow space to a 3m(wide) x 1.5m(deep) x 2m(high) tent. i'll be catering for the needs of: 4x HGK(Holy...
  2. Alkhemist

    Hydroponic - Gigabud - Pineapple Express - OG Kush - Kandy Kush

    greets all! :welcome: :Namaste: so, ive moved house, back online and ready to go again(although ive done a "fill in grow" in the meantime with x-line hybrids: cinderella 99's and wowie #2's) with my improved top feed hydro setup.. improved in that ive thrown the drip feed line out and gone...
  3. Alkhemist

    Alkhemist - Top Feed Drip Hydroponics - Big Bud x Super Skunk #1

    greets all! this is my first hydro journal on 420mag and my first time using a top feeding drip system. -i'm using 4x 15litre pots -hydroton clay balls for grow medium -30 litrewater/nutes(rain water) -growzilla a and b for vegetative stage(with nitrozome for added N and trace element...
  4. Alkhemist

    Alkhemist - Soil - Big Budxsuper Skunk #1 First Grow Journal

    greets all!! welcome to my first grow journal! pls excuse any cumbersome effort on my part to make this journal efficient for everyone to follow/read. i have only just joined this wonderful community here at 420mag and have decided to include my present soil grow as a journal.. more for the...
  5. Alkhemist

    re-circulating topfeed drip hydro set up- max feeding schedule using growzilla

    greets all! this is my first top feed drip hydro setup (have used nft and flood and drain in the past) i am using clay balls and have a big bud x super skunk #1 flavour in a top feed drip system.. the buckets are 15 litre buckets and have a 30 litres of water/nutes in my res, using...
  6. Alkhemist

    greets from new zealand!

    hi all! im a grower from down-under ;] have been growing with soil/organics for 20 years or so, outdoors then after about 10 years moved to indoor fulltime.. and now, finally after 20 odd years, have moved to hydroponics- why it took so bloody long i have no idea hahahah i suppose soil seemed...
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