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  1. Curly Beaver

    Light deprivation & going back to nature's rhythm?

    I have several sativa's that I wheel in and out of my garage every day at 7AM and back in at 7PM, (6 weeks so far) as I want to be certain they have enough time to finish. My question is...... as the days get shorter is there a point where I could leave the plants outside and not have to worry...
  2. Curly Beaver

    Godhead from Bodhi

    I am looking for some "godhead" seeds from Bodhi but can not find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them? I'm not sure if they were marketed or just available as freebies. Thanks
  3. Curly Beaver

    The Curly Beaver Den

    This is a place for me to post odd ball "stuff" that doesn't really fit anywhere else. I'll start it with a wood working project that I have been working on. I am new to vaping but quickly noticed that I had stuff spread out all over the place and could never find what I needed. So I got a...
  4. Curly Beaver

    Snow Temple from Bodhi question

    Is anyone familiar with Snow Temple from Bodhi? I can not find any info on it and have one that's ready to be chopped any day now. (9weeks.) The seed was gifted to me still in the original packet but it's been around awhile and I can't find any information on it. Thanks
  5. Curly Beaver

    CKS Blueberry

    Speaking of Crop King Seeds, I have 4 Blueberry plants (only 4 of 8 germed) that have me wondering. I have never grown Blueberry, and this is the first order from CKS so I'm not sure what to expect but I'm hoping someone that has grown this strain from CKS will weigh in on this. They may be...
  6. Curly Beaver

    Beav's Zamaldelica & Malawi Grow 2017

    I have decided to concentrate on Sativas this summer and have two Zamaldelica's started along with one Malawi. The first Zamaldelica popped on 3/29 but then I decided I wanted two of them for an indoor scrog.... the second one popped on 4/14 along with the Malawi. So my plans are to grow 2...
  7. Curly Beaver

    What's the difference - Amherst Sour Diesel vs Sour Diesel?

    Is there a difference between "Amherst Sour Diesel" and "Sour Diesel?" What does the Amherst represent, anyone know? Thanks
  8. Curly Beaver

    Lets see who our oldest forum grower is - What's your age?

    This morning I got to thinking about what a great past time my "garden" has been for me since I retired. I spend so many hours a day fiddle farting around with my plants that I don't know what I'd be doing if I didn't have them. Of course, that led me to think about age;) So who's the...
  9. Curly Beaver

    How can I make e-cig liquid/juice from Glycerin Tincture

    I have a lot of glycerine tincture that I want to turn into liquid for an e-cig pen. Somewhere I read that you just needed to cut the glycerin tincture with propylene glycol but now I can't find that article/directions. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to turn glycerin tincture into e-liquid...
  10. Curly Beaver

    I need help choosing a good e-cig type device

    I want to try one of these but know nothing about them. I'm not clear on what all can be used in a couple of them reviewed right here on 420Mag. Both the Evolve and Kind pens sound good but I don't know if you can use an e-cig type liquid with them. (I've never even seen one in person.) I...
  11. Curly Beaver

    Can you mix different strains under a scrog?

    This summer I'd like to try my hand at an outside scrog and would like to know if I'd run into problems by mixing 3-4 different strains together. Last year I made a 4' X 8' covered wagon and I'm considering putting a screen on it this year with 6 to 8 five gallon Smart Pots. If I arranged the...
  12. Curly Beaver

    Beav's Winter Wonder Grow - Just Added A Timber Light

    This grow is well under way so I'll forgo the preliminary data, but I am trying a couple new twists that I think will help me out. Yesterday I hung a Timber 300 Watt Cree CXB3590 3'x3' Framework in 3' X 3.5' flowering area. I also have a Marshydro 192X5 right next to it covering some plants...
  13. Curly Beaver

    Ignore list

    If I understand correctly, if you put someone on your ignore list you don't have to read through any more of their posts. Does it also block them from seeing and/or posting in your threads or posts? I guess what I'm trying to ask is... is there a way to completely ignore someone(s)? Trying to...
  14. Curly Beaver

    Plant revegged - Kinda - Never branched out - Why? Pic

    This plant was moved outside and evidently couldn't decide if it wanted to veg, flower, or both. It never grew and branched out, just one skinny trunk/stem with weird leaves the entire grow. I let it finish but it never amounted to anything. So, what caused it and if it happens again is there...
  15. Curly Beaver

    Where did process photo screen go in the upload gallery section?

    I have uploaded photo's and it says I was successful, but it doesn't take me to the process screen so I can't use them. Did it change recently? How do I process them if they are loaded? Thanks.
  16. Curly Beaver

    Are Avidekel seeds available?

    Can anyone tell me if Avidekel seeds are available and if they are, where? Thanks
  17. Curly Beaver

    Beav's Fall 2016 Grow - ThunderStruck - Treasure Island - Laniakea

    I have been chopping quite a few plants here just lately and starting thinking ahead to this fall's grow so I dug out some beans this morning. Super Silver Haze OG Kush Laniakea #2 & #3 ThunderStruck They'll be in FFOC soil using Mills Nutrients. Llighting will be from two MarsHydro...
  18. Curly Beaver

    Screen size for hash box?

    I want to make a hash box (or two) but am pretty confused regarding the size of material to use. After quite a bit of reading it seems some folks go a step farther and have two sizes, one for a higher quality hash and one that is just so-so for cooking etc. I am willing and able to make the...
  19. Curly Beaver

    CBD - Cold Water Hash?

    Today I experimented and made a couple small piles of hash out of a couple different strains of sugar trim. (Cold water extraction.) I have not heard (or read) of anyone making hash with a higher CBD strain. Has anyone made a CBD hash, or do you just mix all the kief together? Thanks
  20. Curly Beaver

    Digital Microscope USB - Recommendations and/or reviews

    I want to check into getting a digital microscope for viewing trichomes but most of the reviews I have seen are 4-5 years old. Does anyone have experience, or know where I can get up to date comparisons on what is available? There seems to be a lot of them in the $25 to $50 range, can you get a...
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