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  1. Still Vegging Bro

    Super happy I Joined: Thank you!

    First indoor Grow in Progress and loving it! Still Vegging Bro :420:
  2. Still Vegging Bro

    First Indoor Grow Cheese Seedling Day 19 CFL & LED Soilless Mix Growbox

    What's up Farmers I'm going to try not miss any Details please bare with me I'm a noob to this all.Please help me get Some dank! Strain : Cheese Hybrid very little info. Age :19 Days ago seed was put into soil after germination in cup of water. Pot Size : 1 Litre Plastic Garden Pot...
  3. Still Vegging Bro

    Why is this plant drooping?

    Just need an idea on what to do to correct the Drooping ph good been watering every 2 days temps between 26 and 28.
  4. Still Vegging Bro

    Please give me advice please

    Hey what's up first time trying this but I did it cause I need help my grow is healthy but somthing I'm doing is wrong please have a look at my little lady and help me out.only feeding clean water no nutrients only molasses once ph'ed at 6.3 to 6.5 I added earthworm castings to this mix. I just...
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