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    Been many moons

    What up all! Not exactly new but it’s been 6 to 7 years since I’ve been here. This forum taught me most of what I know. I searched some of the old threads and literally laughed out loud. Glad I decided to pop back in, good memories! Man time flies by quick. It’s been a few years since my...
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    Well water

    any thoughts on using well water? I know it probably needs to be below 250ppm to use it or? :peace2:
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    Flood Table?

    I keep reading make sure your roots are covered on the table. My local dro shop has several tables set up and all are in rockwool cubes sitting in the tables with nothing else, roots exposed and plants healthy as can be. I plan on switching from DWC to flood & drain, any thoughts on going...
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    Spinning lights?

    Anyone have any experience or knowledge with these setups? one company has a 1600w setup and it sounds kind of interesting...
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    massiive light leak...am i screwed?

    Well woke up this morning about an hour after the sun and found that the blackout I had had on the windows had come down, about an hour of blazing sun coming in...wasnt sure what to do so covered the windows back up and left them with an hour more of darkness before the lights kick on.... Im...
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    Revegging Bucket

    thought id share my attempt at revegging with the rest of the class..violator kush chopped 4 weeks ago...I was about to dmp it last week when i noticed some new roots popping from the old ones i had cut way back....now lots of root growth and some weird looking leaves growing out...
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    Vapors Kushberry & Silver Bubble Buckets

    Hey all, just thought id post a photo journal of DNA's Kushberry (Oregon Blueberry x OG Kush) & Reserva Privadas Silver Bubble ( Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk).. 3 buckets total (2 silvers) that are 2 weeks into bloom right now, they went 4 weeks from seed before 12/12 and were LST early on...
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    camera phone doesnt do her justice, 2 weeks cured as of 4-20....quite happy with the results! great newbie strain! My first attempt, they took a beating and graced me with 4 zips per plant.. smells amazing,tasted great and serious bag appeal.:rasta:
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    rez change - mistic cloner

    anyone know how often the water needs to be changed? thanks in advance!!
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    Cooling buckets down

    Anyone got any ideas other than frozen bottles? Ive got 4 buckets in the upper 70s and i cant keep up with the frozen bottle changes needed.......
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    Several months of reading here &

    thanks 420, the people here have been great and a unreal resource!! :ganjamon:
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    Newborns in the Nursery

    I know its not bud porn but you gotta start somewhere. I figured the Deep Water Culture would appreciate the Buckets. Here is the newest addition to our family.:ganjamon: 2 silver bubbles, 2 kushberries & a lemon skunk for good measure incubating under a 6 bulb t5ho..
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    Northern Lights Strain

    Can anyone recommend a good NL strain and seed company? Ive smoked it a handful of times and im a big fan but no clue what the difference between nl1 OR nl5 or....you get the point.. thanks all!
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    Neut burn

    What up 420, Burned the crap out of my girls in week 3 of flower, I changed the res and have the ppm ballpark where it should be....is that good enough or do i need to leave them in plain RO for some time? I read on another board to leave them in plain RO for a week but that seems a little...
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    having some issues, 3 weeks into bloom

    Just realized my neuts were way to high due to a faulty ppm meter (over 2000) so i changed the res and have it sitting around 1500 now. most the plants still look ok but i have two tops with the fan leaves drooping hard and looking close to dead yet there is lower branches that are in far better...
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    ppm for floranova lucas?

    alright guys my buckets arnt looking so hot after a faulty ppm meter had my neuts sizzling at over 2000..ive swapped out all the buckets with 8mil per of floranova bloom and my new calibrated meter has them at 1600 which seems high to me with no other additives going in....so anyone know what...
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    Hanna meters - HELP

    OK so I have a hanna ph pen that i have been using and a shitty ppm meter that stopped working so I decided to upgrade. I picked up the electric hanna combo gro check meter. so i calibrate it in and try her out and it shows that my old ph meter is off by a point. So I calibrate it with some...
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    C02 question/thought after a wake n bake

    Ok just wake n baked up with some Blue Dream as well as learning so maybe this is a stoned thought but for a small closet grow I have heard of people spraying their plants with seltzer water. So my question is would there be any benefit from filling a humidity vaporizer with seltzer and...
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    HID Hut Didgital Ballast

    Considering picking up one the hid hut brand 600 w ballast.... anyone use their ballast? seems to compare to the Lumatek any thoughts 420?
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    PH testing question

    im using one of those test indicators that show me the color and range it should be in.Is it a problem or going to become one that I dont know exactly what the PH is? With all that I have read over the last few months ive learned much here and my baby girls are looking pretty nice thus...
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