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    Ladies got a dose of fungus gnats

    Keep a fan moving air at at soil line, also use mosquito dunks or mosquito bits - draw your water ahead of time and add dunks or bits to the bucket, let soak for 24 hours. You can shave up dunks or add bits as top dress. Also as Bill said keep top of soil dry, switch to bottom watering, add...
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    Help what’s going on?

    The floor is the coldest point in any room, take a temp reading on the floor. I’m pretty confident they will benefit from being elevated in the tent, improvise use a step stool, old milk crate or whatevs. Also the grow bags are sitting in drip pans, when you lift the bag out most likely there...
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    How's she looking?

    Welcome Matt! She looks great, really nice job you’ve done there
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    It's that question again: Do these look done?

    Hey Starter, I’m kinda new myself only growing for a year now, not an expert by any stretch but I’ve studied consistently here. You are in the harvest window, some like it clear as in early harvest, others do it in the middle, still others wait for more ripeness as in 50% amber. Its easy to do...
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    Visualize Whirrled Peas: A Perpetual Garden By 013

    Yes slowly, she had live mites crawling on the edges of bucket today so she got another neem spray treatment! Then she got yanked from the high shelf in the grow room and moved to another room where she was placed by the window. Now she’s wearing a No Pest Strip as a necklace for 24 hours then...
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    Grow #3 - White Widow: Half Way There

    Seeds from a pack or even ones found in the same bud don’t produce identical plants... different phenotypes at work. One could be a sativa leaner while the next turns out to be an indica.
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    Trala’s Tent

    Gorgeous capture! I’ll trade power bills with ya...
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    Nutty & His Antics

    Excited about your good news, glad it was a non starter!
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    First Full Flower Tent

    Dang man I’m jealous - you’ve got all kinds of genetics popping up over there!! Glitter close up looks fine as wine
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    Silverback OG Grow

    Oh no! What happened? Too close to light or just wilted from lack of water?
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    It's that question again: Do these look done?

    Looks sweet, I see clear & cloudy but almost no amber, I’d give her a week or so but keep scoping every other day or so
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    Seedlings keep dying! Please help!

    I could fill cemeteries with the beans & seedlings I’ve slaughtered! It’s all good man - don’t sweat the petty stuff, it’s more fun to pet the sweaty stuff. Ha ha Anyway I hope you get her tuned up to your satisfaction!!
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    Seedlings keep dying! Please help!

    The medium being hard is relative, it was soft but think it is now compressed by too much water / water too frequently. I would recommend switching over to solo cups (not clear or if you do use clear then use a dark cup to sleeve over it but make sure both cups have tons of drainage / air holes)...
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    Help what’s going on?

    Hey Scary, Welcome to 420! This is going to sound kinda bizarre but - what type of floor is underneath the tent? Also tell us about how often you water?
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    Trala’s Tent: Lucky Edition

    Maybe that’s it... prophylactic treatment - condoms don’t belong on ur plants! :3::3::3:
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    Seedlings keep dying! Please help!

    That soil looks kinda hot, appears that there is a lot of mulch in it. The soil compartment on those tray cups are pretty small too, I’m kinda partial to solo cups with holes for drainage and use a weaker seedling soil mix plus a fine mist spray bottle used sparingly. read the bag on the...
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    2 weeks

    I won’t give a definite yes or no.....that depends on light spacing and temp at the soil line, but one light should be sufficient however if 2 weeks have elapsed and still no sprout it’s time to waterboard (germinate) more beans! It’s ok to germinate in dark but when sprouts pop they will...
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    Patient's Grows

    I don’t say that definitively as one in the position to know or prove by science about microbes surviving totally dry soil but just like real growers recharge - it’s a packet of dry powder. Add water and get the tiny herd working on processing nutes in soil... so yeah! Makes one puff and...
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    Patient's Grows

    pure anecdotal, and I know you said bone dry but if there’s any moisture in that soil or at the top of the storage tub or inside of the barrel lid then herd should be fine but now here’s some more food for thought if microbes azos & myco can live in dry powdered form in a package then it should...
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    CO2 setups: What do you guys recommend? I need something easy to use!

    I’m open for ideas and tinkering of all sorts & SoG’s direct recirc sounds easy enough but what I meant was storing large amounts would probably need compression which means pumps & valves etc
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