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    Need help with a unique extract

    Hello again 420 Mag community. First off I want to apologize if this information is readily available because I have searched high and low for it (pun intended) and had no luck. It seems that shatter made from old school hash takes on a taste that I am not too fond of. The quality is totally...
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    Is this a good deal?

    Wondering if this is a fair deal. It is a 250 watt lumatek ballast with bulb in a cooltube for 270 bucks. Amazon.com: 250W 120V HPS Cool Tube Digital Grow Light System: Patio, Lawn & Garden I would get the 400 but I am worried about heat as my plants will be VERY close to this light. Just how...
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    70 Watt HPS supplemental?

    Hey Gang, So I have a question for the grandmasters here at 420 mag and ANY advice from Any one is VERY much appreciated. My grows are doing well but my buds are not very dense and are really airy though potent. I think this may be from my light? It is a 200 watt T5 High Output from Hydrofarm. I...
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    Help! Plants too tall!

    Well I am now about 2 weeks into flower and my plants have reached my T5 lights. Some of the cola's are burnt. I am afraid that if I dont do something they may turn hermie. There is absolutely no way I can raise the light any higher and bending the tops over only works for about half a day...
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    Nutes, PH & Peroxide

    Hello, I have a very simple nute line up. I Use... 1) Earth Juice Grow or Bloom (Depending on cycle) 2) Vegan Compost Tea 3) Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed. After I mix these in water i bubble that water for 24 hours to let PH fluctuate, chlorine evaporate and nutes mix. After that I get...
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    Hot Pepper Wax

    Hey gang, I had some Hot Pepper Wax given to me. I used it on my out door garden and everything seems to be doing great and there are VERY few bugs. However in my out door garden there is no MJ. Has anyone used this stuff on MJ and if so are there any side effects? I really...
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    I need help ASAP

    I am having the strangest problem. Yesterday I put 5 plants into a Hydro room. I am using a high output T5 lighting, DWC tub and starting nutes are Vegan compost tea and Thrive Alive. Temp is 80 & hymudity is 40%. 3 of them are doing great. The 2 that are most important to me are having...
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    Lady Bugs for pest control?

    I have heard people say Lady bugs are great for pest control but I cant find any more info on it. Are they good for mites? Are they plant safe? What about Asian Lady Bugs? Any side effects?
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    Lst & fim?

    Hi guys, If one were to do LST in a DWC tub (bubbler) where the plant basically did a 90 degree angle forcing all shoots to grow upward (mini colas) how could one then determine if the plant was vigorous enough to with stand FIM as well? From what I understand that would basically...
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    White Russian wont Sprout, Please Advise.

    Hi Everyone. I have been browsing the site for Months so I feel like I am at home but with this being my first post I guess I am still new here. Let me just say this site is by for the most beneficial & helpful of all the MJ sites, Anyways... I am planning a Hydro grow with Querkle and...
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