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    JDubs B.P.N. Drain To Waste To Ebb & Flow - Multi Strain From Seed

    Hello all, here I go about to start another journal.. will try to keep this one updated as much as possible, don't remember the exact layout for these journals, but here's what I got goin Currently have 18 seeds going, 4 flo(Dj short) 3 coco kush (Dj short) all regular , 1 vintage 2006, 1...
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    How can i rename my grow journal?

    Hi just wondering if Its possible and how to do it, I've tried looking myself and cannot figure it out.. thank you:Namaste:
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    Jdubs 3 Part - T5 CFL Grow

    Alright, so i know I'm new and am open to any and all help and comments, feel free to hate, cuz it will just make me happier in the end. So ive got 7 oaksterdam clones, 3 kryptonite 4 goosh, they're about 5 weeks old, ( at my house) vegged for 3 weeks, am now beggining week 3 of flower, I have...
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