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    Sorry stoneotter I have been super busy. Sorry for the late reply. That sounds so awesome it's...

    Sorry stoneotter I have been super busy. Sorry for the late reply. That sounds so awesome it's about 3 hours away from me but if I get the chance I would love to come out and meet you. Go for a coffee and some sorts. Will be great to meet a fellow 420 friend Haha. Hope you're doing well. I would...
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    Upside down planter bags

    Never thought of this and i'd love to give it a try. Let me know if you do!
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    Northern Lights Auto

    Buds are looking good!
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    Water wash your left over CCO material

    Thanks man!
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    Virgin Ground And The Little Star Asterion

    Some fat nugs there! :11:
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    Mellow Out With Barney's Pink Kush

    Looks amazing, was is the genetic breakdown?
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    The Tiny One That Got Away

    Hahaha how'd you miss her? :19:
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    Sweet Tooth

    Awesome plants man! How'd the harvest turn out?
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    Beautiful Lighting Effect

    That's really cool man
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    My new 3x5 shed in a shed setup

    That is a awesome DIY setup man, how's it going?
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    Last day week 3

    Looks awesome for week 3
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    Barney's Farm: May 2019 New Strains

    Sounds amazing
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    Newbie needs some tutoring

    Welcome to :420::roorrip:
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    8 Site RDWC: Gelato OG, & Coco Multistrain: Gods Gift, Critical Jack Auto 2, Cheese XXL

    Hey Sunny nice setup man, how are things going??
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    Sweet Tooth,Green Crack,Royal Cheese grow 2019

    Hey man nice setup and strains, how is it going?
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    Cannabis concentrate first run

    I'm not gonna lie I have never been in that position. More just get couch locked or I pass out. I love being incredibly blazed haha
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    Vetsmoke85 First Grow Stealth Cabinet

    Safe travels @VetSmoke85 see ya on Tuesday
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    Multi-Strain Soil Grow: 400W MH & HPS

    Definitely the perfect size for us for now. We loving it.
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    Distant cousins

    There's apparently also a way to have only feminized seeds by adding some chemical into your grow. Not sure exactly
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    Cannabis concentrate first run

    I agree 100 percent with you. Concentrates are the best. We all love seeing how high we can get
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