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    Moby Dick on Balcony

    So, this is the third time trying to make this first post work haha... I'm a newby in growing weed (been doing it for about a year now) also at this amazing forum, I have this little moby dick called Wacha #1 since 3rd week of november 2014, she is awesome! The plant is in a 25 L (or so pot)...
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    No one from Argentina?

    Soy nuevo en el foro y me di cuenta de que hay secciones para diferentes continentes y dentro de estos, de países... no veo ningún post hecho en el foro de Argentina y me resulta raro... nadie, nadie?
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    Hello, from Argentina!

    Hey there, as the title says I'm from Argentina; I'm a newby in growing cannabis (been doing it for like a year outdoors and indoor, always on soil) and I have hanging around the forum for a while and read some amazing articles, like the Nebula Haze's summary of nugbucket's main-lining technique...
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