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  1. SweeetExide

    Exide's Four Strain RDWC 2018

    Seeds started May 20th and they all cracked open their seeds in 24hrs Starting in Pro-mix HP and taking clones for the hydro system Blue Dream - Humboldt seeds 70% sativa 30% indica King Tut - Smoke Signals 60% sativa 40% indica Blueberry OG - Barney's Farm 30% sativa 70% indica Northern...
  2. SweeetExide

    Jaws Great White Shark - G.H.S. 2018

    Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian 20% Sativa 80% Indica 9 week flower 5x Seeds germinated Dec 24th 5x planted in seedling mix 4" pots Dec 31st 5x planted to pro mix 2gal pots Jan 14th 4x topped 1x runt
  3. SweeetExide

    PC Hydro-SWC White Cookie 2018

    The idea was to build a stealth pc to start clones or seedlings, then I got carried away and wanted to see just how well a few things work to the end of a plants life cycle. those things are: 1. The lights (Philips 13w LED's) 2. The SWC (Shallow water culture) 3.The smell (DIY carbon...
  4. SweeetExide

    Red Leaves

    Early Vixen by Crop King seeds 5.8 pH DWC bucket @ 68*F day time and 64*F night time water temps.
  5. SweeetExide

    SweeetExide's - White Cookies & Early Vixen - Grow Journal - 2016/2017

    What strain(s)? White Cookies & Early Vixen Indica, Sativa, Hybrid? Indica/Sativa Hybrid Percentages? 60/40 Yield? 400gW.C 500g E.V Flower Time...
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